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Understanding What You Can Do with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager


As part of Quest Experience Week Cloud Day, Mark Hoernemann, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Platform Strategy Manager, spoke about the ongoing investment in PeopleSoft deployment to Oracle Cloud. He covered the benefits, capabilities, enhancements and roadmap items for PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

Basics and Benefits of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a new, free PeopleSoft application that runs on Oracle Cloud. To utilize it, customers must have a subscription to Oracle Cloud. It is delivered through Oracle Marketplace and has the familiar look and feel of Fluid UI. It has changed the way applications are deployed and where they run. This tool gives customers the chance to automate the process of the installation and deployment of Cloud. Cloud Manager was built upon basic functionality that already existed within the Deployment Framework.

With PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, you get many of the benefits of running in the Cloud without the cost of changing products. It changes the way applications are managed. Some of the benefits of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager include:

  • Automating provisioning of applications in the Cloud
  • Utilizing PUM Images available from the Oracle Marketplace
  • Managing applications with higher efficiency
  • Applying PeopleTools upgrades and patches with one click

What Can You Do with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager?

There are four main objectives within PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. With this feature, customers can execute Cloud computing, Life Cycle Management, migration to Oracle Cloud, and self-service provisioning.

  • Cloud Computing: With Cloud computing in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, you will have elastic scaling based on demand. Your technology platform will always be current and patched. You will also have access to industry-leading, secured environments.
  • Lifecycle Management: Lifecycle Management with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager provides you with a subscription to update release channels. You will also have complete environment management and automated applications patching.
  • Migration to Oracle Cloud: With PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, you can Lift and Shift existing environments to Oracle Cloud. This migration will backup and restore your configurations, data and customizations to Oracle Cloud. You can also clone this process for additional environments.
  • Self-Service Provisioning: Self-Service provisioning with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager will provide you with on-demand environments for specific use cases. This template-driven provisioning enables business users and provides unique topology definitions.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Roadmap

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager was just released in September 2018, and it included PeopleTools 8.57 enablement. Moving forward, there are several items that are on the roadmap for the future of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. Some of the features on the roadmap include:

  • Bare Metal Shapes
  • RMAN
  • Importing Environments
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • Custom Script Integration
  • Retry Provisioning
  • ExaCS
  • DPK Encryption
  • Usability

Additional Resources

To learn more about the benefits of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager on Oracle Cloud, use cases, and the different Cloud options available to you, check out the full presentation from Quest Experience Week attatched below or discover everything available at COLLABORATE 19, the Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community, April 7-11, 2019, in San Antonio. Learn more and follow #C19TX on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all things COLLABORATE 19!

Understanding What You Can Do with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager