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The JDE Connection: Episode 3 - JDE Lingo

JDE Podcast cover image with pictures of host Chandra Wobschall and Paul Houtkooper, with a grey background with white text that reads Episode 3 JDE Lingo

Hosted by Chandra Wobschall and Paul Houtkooper

Hey there, JDE Connection listeners! It’s Chandra Wobschall and Paul Houtkooper, your podcast hosts, and we’re back this week diving into the world of JDE lingo, because we all know those in the JD Edwards community have their own special language.

Navigating the JDE Terminology Maze

We’ve all been there – attending conferences and feeling overwhelmed by the unfamiliar terminology. Our goal today is to make the JDE language more accessible, especially for those who feel like they’re ‘drinking from a firehose.’

Lingo Bingo!

To make learning fun, we’re playing Lingo Bingo! We encourage our listeners to participate by creating a 5×5 bingo card, filling it with JDE terms you think we’ll cover. Our hope? You achieve a blackout by the end of this episode!

From Fastpath to User Defined Objects

We discuss the essential terms of the JDE universe such as the Navigator (compass), Fastpath (do you have access?), Menu Structure, Processing Options, Data Selection, Form Types and Elements, Data Dictionary, UDC (User Defined Codes) and UDOs (User Defined Objects).

The Technical Side – CNC and More

We delve into more technical terms, often heard in the realms of system administration, or CNC (Configurable Network Computing), such as AIS (Application Interface Services) Server, SMC (Server Manager Console), and OMW (Object Management Workbench).

Unpacking the Acronyms

We play a rapid-fire round, decoding acronyms while trying to trip one another up, before we conclude JDE Lingo Bingo with a Mystery Acronym, likely only known to a select few in the JDE ecosystem who leverage a specific module used to track the lineage of a product (hint hint).

Before We Go

Don’t miss our Midwesternism of the Day, where we define another classic Midwestern term, mentioned several times throughout the show, to demonstrate its proper usage to the JDE Connection audience.

We hope you enjoy this episode of JDE Lingo Bingo! Don’t forget to let us know if we missed any of the terms on your Bingo board and remember to like and subscribe to our show wherever you get your podcasts. See you in the next episode!

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The JDE Connection: Episode 3 - JDE Lingo