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Achieving the Zero Trust Security Model for PeopleSoft

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101770

Organizations are managing a daunting task to safeguard access to their PeopleSoft application from on-site and remote/hybrid users. On top of that challenge, they must manage potential security threats like phishing, ransomware and data exfiltration from hackers. Together this creates an atmosphere of constant battling to detect and respond to intentional and unintentional threats to the organization.

In their latest report, “A Practical Guide to Zero Trust Implementation”, Forrester recommends the Zero Trust security model (aka. ‘never trust, always verify’) to provide an extra layer of security beyond the traditional perimeter-based security. Due to increasing digital transformation and the COVID-19 pandemic, Zero Trust is rapidly becoming the security model of choice for many organizations. However, implementing effective Zero Trust can be challenging for organizations.

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Achieving the Zero Trust Security Model for PeopleSoft