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May 19 @  11:00am

The PeopleSoft PICASO Digital Assistant can provide your Employees and Suppliers with an anytime, anywhere 24/7 concierge-like experience via simple conversation interaction. Utilizing the Supplier Digital Assistant with PeopleSoft Intelligent Chatbot Assistant from Oracle also known as PICASO, the Collaboration Skills provides Suppliers with secure access to the transaction information with answers to their questions…

May 17 @  11:00am

In this session we will talk about •Kaiser Permanente’s Testing Automation Journey – how it started and where it is now. •How Kaiser Permanente utilizes Testing Automation during major upgrade projects and how Testing Automation brings in efficiencies by reducing Project Timelines and Cost. •How Kaiser Permanente built an inhouse solution (Automation Portal) and how…

PeopleSoft Week is where Oracle users of all levels can explore current PeopleSoft challenges and solutions, hone your PeopleSoft skills, get new ideas and expand your PeopleSoft product knowledge. Featuring a selection of hot topic sessions, you’ll hear from the PeopleSoft experts and gain insights and tips you can put to use right away! View…

•An effective way to leverage emerging technologies to solve some common complex problems which are currently being done manually. A cool way to utilize ML/AI along with Natural Language processing to scan large volumes of text. The primary goal is to identify Keywords and frequency of keywords that relate to diseases using tokenization and Lemmatization models. Opensource Models like FuzzyWuzzy logic and Document Frequency Terms (DFT) were extensively used.
•Our Business Operations at Kaiser captures long texts and unstructured data for each research subject (about 6000 to 10000 of them a year) that they work on. This unstructured data is captured in long text fields and sometimes runs into multiple pages for each subject. We created models to scan through volumes of texts, identify Keywords using python Spacy models, and have the models predict the area of and type of study.
•Tools used: Python, SQL, Oracle Cloud Analytics, Oracle Cloud reporting, and Data Science services from Oracle

Speaker: Pratap Madgula and Tony Schollum, Kaiser Permanente

Hear about how both the State of North Dakota and the North Dakota University System streamlined their PeopleSoft Automated Testing operations by using PTF and Testing Grounds. Testing a PeopleSoft patch is usually a major undertaking for any organization. However, the State of North Dakota (ND State) and the North Dakota University System (NDUS) had the added complication of maintaining six separate pillars, including Campus Solutions, Financials, Human Capital Management, and Enterprise Learning. Staying current is no easy task, so ND State and NDUS teamed up with SpearMC to implement an automated testing solution that drastically lessened the burden on staff and improved defect identification. We will discuss how we implemented PeopleSoft Test Framework, where our Testing Grounds bolt-on fits into the equation, and how we are supporting their patching moving forward.

Speaker(s): Tarunraj Amuthan (Manager, Test Automation) and Randall Johnson (Vice President), SpearMC

In addition to our partnership with the Quest Oracle Community, your Oracle Public Sector (OPS) Team has a new name!

QXW 2021

Have you heard of Kibana, the new reporting capability that complements your current reporting strategy for your Financial user community? Come and see how you can leverage the delivered GL operational analytics to gain actionable insights in resources management and cost reduction. Come and share the reporting needs that you can roll out to your organization. And take away with how you can dazzle your users with powerful visualizations and build your analytics.

Presented by Jian Wen, Oracle

Replay from RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101220

With PeopleSoft Health Center you can to monitor the health of your PeopleSoft application by providing historical and real-time analysis of performance and load. The PeopleSoft Health Center can be used for self-monitoring of an application or for multiple systems in a single monitoring system. From PeopleTools 8.58, PeopleSoft Health Center uses Logstash to collect data and uses Kibana to display visualizations and dashboards, which are based on Elasticsearch indexes specific for Health Center.

We will look at how Health Center can become a lightweight part of your operations management.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 100780

Explain all the Lessons learned of the City of Raleigh how it had been working on the City specific ePerformance enhancements while implementing a new PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image.