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Nov 21 @  1:00pm

  Poor maintenance strategies can substantially affect operational efficiencies and profitability. To be competitive, companies need to minimize unplanned downtime and optimize maintenance costs. Industry 4.0 capabilities enable companies to monitor their assets in real time, integrate data from many different sources, analyze and translate that data into meaningful insights and automatically turn those insights…

In today's consumer landscape, many Millennials are more concerned than ever with supporting brands whose business practices have a positive impact on the environment, employees, and the regions from which they source their materials. People want organic, grass-fed goods when they shop. Accenture's 2018 global consumer pulse report surveyed over 30,000 consumers to find out why they purchase certain brands over another. The results showed an emphasis on what a brand says, does, and stands for, which is why Oracle Chief Sustainability Officer Jon Chorley explained that transparent supply chains improve brand integrity and ultimately get people to shop from that brand.

105180 Discover the Hidden Gem of Supplemental Data Presented at INFOCUS 19 Is there additional information that you'd like to store in JDE but there is no place for it? Do you find yourself using multiple tools to review all of the information that you need?  Look no further, JDE offers supplmental data in 9…

100770 Presented at INFOCUS 19 This JDE E1 Tech SIG is sponsoring a panel of experts for the audience to ask questions to about Orchestrator.  We will talk about uses for the Orchestrator. Come join us for this JDE E1 Technology SIG session and see if you can stump our panel!Presented by Diane Miller, Ahlstrom-Munksjö

Joyce Boland, Oracle's Vice President of Applications Global Marketing, wrote about Oracle CEO Mark Hurd's thoughts on the new wave of supply chain automation that is coming in today's workforce.

102250 E1 Fixed Assets: A Uniquely Different JDE Module! Presented at INFOCUS 19 JD Edwards E1 Fixed Assets is a robust product that provides not only the ability to track and depreciate your company's assets, but also serves as the foundation for other related modules such as Service and Warranty Management or Equipment and Plant…

100340 Growing Mfg needs Expansions and Acquisitions Presented at INFOCUS 19 Businesses need to grow based on the product demand and innovative products. This involves expansion into new locations as a part of a strategic plan and acquisition. How to leverage existing facility set-up for roll out to .new Mfg sites. Rajesh Ranabhor

The Procurement Manager UX One role is available for JD Edwards users. This role brings several benefits to users, including access to the associated UX One pages and components, tools for receiving alerts, analyzing data, and easy access to related programs that enable users to take action if required.

The Fulfillment Manager UX One role is available for JD Edwards users. This role brings several benefits to users, including access to the associated UX One page and components, tools for receiving alerts, analyzing data, and easy access to related programs that enable users to take action if required.

The Warehouse Manager UX One role is available for JD Edwards Warehouse Management. This role brings several benefits to users, including access to the associated UX One page and components, tools for receiving alerts, analyzing data, and easy access to related programs that enable users to take action if required.

Michael Walker, global lead for healthcare in Oracle’s Industry Solutions group, wrote in Forbes about how a patient-centered supply chain plays a crucial role in the future of healthcare.

Jim D’Addario, Director of SCM Product Marketing, wrote about how Oracle CEO Mark Hurd backs the idea that transparency is the key to supply chain efficiency and success. Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud can help drive this transparency and help organizations break down silos within their business.

Dominic Regan, Oracle Senior Director for Value Chain Execution, wrote about the future of supply chains and six ways to future-proof your supply chain moving forward.

Dominic Reagan, Senior Director for Value Chain Execution, wrote about four reasons why a customer-centric supply chain belongs in the Cloud.

Agnico Eagle Mines has been managing remote mining operations around the globe for decades. Over time, they identified a need to extend their JD Edwards Manufacturing and Distribution applications and provide mobile solutions to use both online at sites and offline in underground mines. Agnico Eagle spoke at COLLABORATE 19 about how they established the need to extend their JD Edwards system with mobile, what they needed out of a new solution, and the phases of how they moved forward with the implementation.

Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Session ID: 105250 Learn how utilizing production numbers to manage inventory and operations can provide greater functionality than ETO or unique branch plants by project with less complexity.  We will focus on the following key areas: Material management Shop floor control Project controls and project costing Lessons learned Presented by John Brasee,…

John Soat, a freelance writer for Oracle, wrote an article in Forbes about four emerging technologies that could drastically transform supply chain operations. Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and predictive analytics, augmented reality, and blockchain have the power to change the way supply chains operate moving forward.

Learn in this session that want your users want, you already have. All you need is JDEdwards 9.2 tools! When you bring your AIS URL, we will make you leave with an abundance of mobile applications: Bar code scanning, CRM, Issue material, and many more.

Every JD Edwards customer is at a different trailhead on their JDE journey. Join Bob Monahan and Gary Grieshaber to explore the paths you can take to achieve the benefits of EnterpriseOne 9.2.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 104420

User-Defined Objects (UDOs) is the newest term for existing UI configuration like Grid Formats, CafeOne, and E1 Pages, but also encompasses newer, emerging technologies like Form Personalization and Orchestrator. But in order for "U" to "DO" - you have to know where to start, and you have to have access. Let's explore where UDOs live, how you work with them (hello, Web OMW!), their unique security, and what setup is required to begin. Consider this session your pre-requisite for all those Orchestrator, Composed Pages, and Form Personalization sessions on your agenda, and get the foundation and setup out of the way so YOU can start DO-ing. Bonus checklist included! Presented by EmeraldCube, a Syntax Company.

Presented by Sarah Mills, EmeraldCube Solutions

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Outbound Inventory Management enables sell-side Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and consigned inventory. It is embedded within the JDE EnterpriseOne order-to-cash business process. Joseph E. Joseph, Product Manager for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, presented the high-level business value of this standard solution and explained how customers can migrate from their custom solution to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Outbound Inventory Management.

What is blockchain and how are organizations utilizing it? Blockchain is the networked distributed ledger technology, and it is continuously gaining relevance in today’s global supply chains. They provide a jointly managed, tamper-resistant mechanism for recording validated information for their participants.

Louis Columbus, Principal of IQMS, breaks down future supply chain trends and 10 ways Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain will strengthen Supply Chains.

101170 It's as Simple as 1, 2, 3! 3rd Party Rate-Shop Integration at Its Finest Presented by Elena Teytelman, brij at INFOCUS 2018 Integrations with Carriers or Rate-Shop providers are a pain. This presentation will show you how to create a seamless integration and use JD Edwards with rate shop software to easily determine the…

Learn how Trelleborg used Hubble by insightsoftware to centralize data, deliver real-time data across the supply chain and gain competitive advantage. On-time delivery, inventory management reports, landed cost and labor analysis, supplier spend details and order fulfillment are just a few areas that have contributed Trelleborg’s success.