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The Procurement Manager UX One role is available for JD Edwards users. This role brings several benefits to users, including access to the associated UX One pages and components, tools for receiving alerts, analyzing data, and easy access to related programs that enable users to take action if required.

Jul 31 @  2:00pm

Manual and unstructured Supplier/Buyer communications can easily be replaced with a Collaborative Automated Portal providing substantial efficiency gains. An intuitive Supplier Portal provides pro-active intelligent email notifications with automated workflow. We’ll review the entire PO Process from PO Create, Supplier Change, Acknowledge, ASN/Ship and Price Updating. We'll also discuss customer examples of Vendor On-Boariding and…

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Management and Advanced Pricing are powerful tools to support your order to cash process and to manage and execute complex pricing strategies within your Sales operations as well as Procurement.

Sep 20 @  1:00pm

Presented by Steltix You will see multiple customer cases where Steltix leveraged the JD Edwards AIS and Orchestration technologies. The samples we will share include: -Ability to develop barcode scanning transactions within days, interfacing directly with JD Edwards through Orchestrations -Have custom dashboards and data entry screens that look beautiful and save time -Utilize ground…

Innovation and transformation are the key to a thriving business. Enterprises must embrace innovative solutions for newer technologies as well as traditional functions such as distribution and logistics as each will have a profound impact on your company’s future success.

"For most companies, post-sales support is one of the most critical factors for customer loyalty and retention. The main challenge is keeping these services cost-effective while providing high levels of service.

Quick, cost effective, and easy to use are the toolsets required for todays Smart Factory, Smart Warehouse, Mobility, and Digital Transformation initiatives.

Growing web sales was a key initiative at Stoner for both its B2C and B2B operations but attracting and converting website visitors into customers is no small challenge. Hear how Stoner, Inc. overhauled its web sites to take advantage of the cloud and improved customer service and support using a CMS platform.

We leveraged the various types of UDO functionality to reduce costs, simplify JDE implementations in remote sites, and improve the JDE user experience for a global company with 15+ office locations on 6 continents.

For all the places to store information in JDE, sometimes the obvious places aren't quite right, or they're used for something else, and we're still left wondering where to put a unique piece of data.

Please join us for a discussion current and future E1MDUG enhancement request. Discuss status of current requests and discuss new request. Come join us for this Quest SIG meeting!

The EnterpriseOne Manufacturing and Distribution User Group's meeting at Collaborate. Come join us for this Quest SIG meeting!

A Wave Management Dashboard created by using JD Edwards Tool 9.x, which has the functionality to create, approve, Suggest, replenish and to track each Case /Pallet or Unit, in one or more shipment until it reaches to the customer in real time. It Interacts with data acquisition system at the warehouse like DSI/RF Smart and Conveyor System like Fortna.

Improve Production Capacity visibility and reporting for complex and variable products. View capacity in “Each” vs. “Hrs”.

Aug 7 @  2:00pm

The use of technology on the shop floor is still important since its beginning in the industrial history. In the 60s and 70s the computer aided shop floor and production requirements with concepts like MRP and Just-in-Time. Allied with other innovative technologies, shop floor management has been always reliant on automation while it's success is…

Learn how Skanska, USA Integrated the Oracle Procurement Cloud to take efficiency to a higher level with JD Edwards.

UX One role-based content for Procurement optimizes your user experience and helps you to be more productive and proactive. Alerts and analytics provide insight, and navigation from visual components allows you to explore business conditions in more detail. This session focuses how to use, create, and configure UX One components such as Landing Pages, Watchlists,…

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The Top 7 Ways to Drive Efficiency Gains in your Oracle ERP Presented by OnBase by Hyland,  Session ID 111680, presented at COLLABORATE 16 Lots of vendors can connect documents with Oracle objects

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has given customers the capability to attach Media Object Attachments (PDF, Images, Documents) to records in order to document additional details in the Work Order, Inventory and Purchasing systems. See firsthand how Asset Management Solutions’ PrintCue for EnterpriseOne will allow you to realize the full benefit of your EnterpriseOne Attachments by selectively printing them with your standard or customized Print Jobs

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Minimizing User's Effort and Errors With JDE Service Management Presented by CD Group, Inc.,  Session ID 111650, presented at COLLABORATE 16 JDE Service Management is a flexible and power solution