Tag: Enterprise Linux

Damian will present on new and emerging topics around high availability, maintenance and proactive actions to ensure systems maximise uptime and reduce potential service risk.

This session will explain how to install and patch Oracle database software using Dual Oracle Homes. Dual Oracle Homes give you the flexibility to patch one Oracle Home while leaving the other at the current patch level. We will cover all the benefits of using Dual Oracle Homes and dive into how we implemented this…

As DBAs take on more responsibility managing storage withASM they need more tools in their toolbox to help troubleshoot and managestorage over time. Often there aremisunderstandings of device files, and multiple hands touching the storagebetween multiple IT support groups. Here we will provide some information on using Linux tools to keep trackof your ASM disks…

This session covers the Oracle FMW products that run on Linux on System z. It describes in detail experiences with installing and tuning WebLogic 10.3. on Linux on System z.

Learn from past successful experiences how to best conduct a Proof of Concept to put Oracle databases including 11gR2 and EBS on Linux on IBM System z. The session will discuss the key lessons learned when installing the 11gR2 Oracle Database on Linux on System z . Topics include how to set up z/VM Linux…

This session will cover several recent experiences of setting up the the Linux on z environements for Oracle DB 11gR2 with the latest versions of the RedHat and SLES distributions to prepare for the Oracle installation.

This presentation gives an overview of best practices how to migrate the Oracle database to a Linux on System z platform

New and upcoming information around the product on this platform will be presented here - the emphasis being around availability and support.

This session covers migration from any other platform to System z. Also covered are adjustments on the Linux box for best performance and changes to the source system which will ensure a smooth migration

The speaker will principally be addressing and sharing direct experience on Linux on System Z with customers: "The more I share what we know - the fewer SRs I get" An update on the OSDI (Operating System Dependent Interface) for Oracle on z/OS will also be included.