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Oct 13 @  11:00am

Discover the benefits Oracle Database customers can anticipate when moving to a Power10 based system as we uncover the design of IBM's latest generation of Power. During this session, we will discuss advantages of the new Power10 based system which include: Evaluating the migration of older Database versions to a current version Managing your workload…

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Presented at Database & Technology Week 2021

In the brave new digitally-driven world, IT organizations can no longer focus on internal-only RDBMS databases as the central pillar of their infrastructure; data must be accessed externally as well, regardless of format or location, with utmost security. Fortunately, Oracle’s Converged Database strategy makes it simple to satisfy these demands. This session explores the myriad facets of a Converged Database strategy and what it means for your career’s future path, regardless of whether you’re an application developer or DBA.

Presented at Database & Technology Week 2021

Database 12c to 21c, Journey of Key Feature Sets

This presentation will look at 12c to 21c new features that should be investigated for use which include Multitenant, IN-Memory and Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing, and many more. I will discuss the 12c to 21c Journey for these new features with examples and sample code. Attendees can expect a brief introduction of all the new features with deep dive into Multitenant, IN-Memory, and Automatic Indexing.

Presented at Database & Technology Week 2021

Join us for the Cloud Computing SIG meeting during Database & Technology Week for an open discussion!

Presented at Database & Technology Week 2021

It is a formidable task to ensure Business Critical Applications meet business SLA’s within the given RTO/RPO and this requires simplifying , standardizing and automating the deployment and configuration along with providing HA and DR these critical applications to meet the above business objectives . VMware Hybrid Cloud which includes VMware Cloud on AWS provides consistent and interoperable infrastructure and services between VMware-based datacenters and the Public cloud, which minimizes the complexity and associated risks of managing diverse environments.

This session will show the lifecycle of BCA workloads on VMware Cloud on AWS. This includes the methodology of migrating Oracle BCA from a Physical architecture (Big Endian) , Engineered Systems or non-VMware virtual platform to VMware vSphere with all best practices. This session will also show providing HA and DR across multi-AZ using Stretched Clusters for VMware Cloud on AWS for all cloud use cases.

Presented at Database & Technology Week 2021

The business data landscape is changing as never before. First off, there’s more data to process—from more sources—while leadership demands ever faster and more precise results. At the same time, malicious attacks—with the potential to inflict lengthy and costly outages—are on the rise. Add to this, the fact that infrastructure itself is transforming, with much data processing moving to cloud and edge environments. Nonetheless, Oracle remains the world’s number-one relational database technology, critical to countless organizations’ day-to-day operations. Which begs the question: how does this evolving data frontier affect Oracle investments, and how do we capitalize on the opportunities while minimizing the risks?

Presented at Database & Technology Week 2021

Ask Oracle Database Product Managers Anything!

Join Oracle Database experts and product managers Maria Colgan (Distinguished Product Manager), Markus Michalewicz (VP of Product Management), Gerald Venzl (Distinguished Product Manager), and Anil Nair (Oracle RAC Product Manager) for an interactive “Ask Anything” session around Oracle Database.

Whether you are interested in Oracle Database core technologies, the Oracle Database 21c Innovation Release, ways of making Oracle Converged Oracle Database highly available, or the latest in data-driven application development on-premises, in containers, or in the cloud, Oracle’s team of core database product managers will answer your most challenging questions.