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Jun 6

Oracle MAA SIG Meeting: June 2022

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May 13

Oracle Database 19c SIG: May 2022

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Mar 24 @  1:00pm

As an Administrator, you want to protect your databases from data breaches to ensure business is not impacted. More than 50% of breach impacted said they were breached due to a vulnerability for which a patch was available, but not applied. Timely patching is critical in preventing breaches. How do you know which databases are…

Mar 23

Oracle MAA SIG Meeting: March 2022

SIG Meetings & Calls

Enterprises can no longer slow down or stop―for even a minute. The costs are simply too high. Industry estimates put the average cost of IT downtime at $5,600 a minute, with the range of losses between $140,000 and $540,000 per hour. As part of their efforts to keep this expensive downtime at bay―and to ensure the continued viability and availability of data flowing through enterprises, data managers are increasingly turning to strategies such as automation and cloud services. Still, they continue to have difficulties and acknowledge that keeping their data environments up-to-date is holding them back from delivering more capabilities to their organizations.

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