Tag: Database

2021 QXW 

What do you need to build a fully automated Oracle DBaaS stack? Hardware, Software and a heterogenous team with a passion for automation. I am proud to be part of the team which has ramped up in the last months a DBaaS for a large Swiss customer with a huge bandwidth of technology. From PCA to ZDLRA, from VMWare vRA to Ansible Tower, from Jira Tasks to Scaled Agile Framework, each team member brought in his expertise to bring the service to the market. I will show you what you need to build such a service from scratch. What we have learned when setting up DevOps tools like Ansible and git. And what I can tell you, the passionate team is the key to success. I am not talking only about tech stuff, we want to see what is required in the back, and how long the way is from the first sprint planning to customer readiness.

Presented by Martin Berger, Platform Architect, Trivadis AG

2021 QXW 

When using Oracle you will find more than enough solutions for High Availability and Data Security. If you have never been confronted with this topic before, you might ask yourself what solutions are there anyway and which one is right for my problem. Without delving too deeply into technical details such as setup and operation, a few of the most common solutions (Standby Database with Standard Edition via Scripting, Dbvisit, Refreshable PDB, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Failover Cluster, Oracle RAC One Node and Oracle RAC) will be touched upon briefly and compared with each other. The comparison of the different solutions provides a decision-making for your environment.

Presented by Axel vom Stein, DBA, BSS Bohnenberg GmbH

2021 QXW 

This presentation will look at 12c to 21c new features that should be investigated for use which include Multitenant, IN-Memory and Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing, and many more. I will discuss the 12c to 21c Journey for these new features with examples and sample code. Attendees can expect a brief introduction of all the new features with deep dive into Multitenant, IN-Memory, and Automatic Indexing.

Presented by Anuj Mohan, Principal Enterprise Architect, Big River Steel

2021 QXW 

Having a single SQL and PL/SQL layer to work with any workload or data handled by your Oracle Database allows for seamless integration and communication between different microservices. Whether you’re working with a blockchain, JSON Collections, s...

Accessing your data and application logic inside the database from your automation tasks, reports, applications, or even end-users is further simplified by having a single protocol that can be used from any application platform or programming language, HTTPS. REST APIs for the Oracle Database can be a critical component to making your microservices come to life!

This session will demonstrate how you can use REST APIs to work with different types of data, database workloads, and even across multiple databases or pluggable databases, all secured with your application server security model or OAuth2 Clients. We’ll also cover how to document those APIs so your application developers can take advantage of them!

Presented by Jeff Smith – Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

2021 QXW 

The Co-op is the UK’s leading convenience retailer, with 14 distribution centers and a turnover of $15.2 billion, servicing more than 10,000 outlets through its retail, wholesale, and franchise proposition. This session explores the platform built for its mission-critical logistics network including Oracle Real Application Clusters 19c, Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Grid Infrastructure bundled agents, and Database File System (DBFS) combined with Oracle Multitenant and Oracle GoldenGate 19c microservices in an Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture configuration, providing real-time replication between operational and analytical systems and the ability to upgrade without downtime. It also examines how the platform evolved by incorporating Oracle Autonomous Database.

Presented by Nikitas Xenakis, Principal Solutions Architect, Cooperative Group