Part I: Virtualizing and Provisioning the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

In this article, we will learn how to prepare the ZFS storage appliance for the use of Oracle 19c RAC with ASM. ZFS appliance originally is a storage appliance from Oracle and falls under the family of Engineered Systems, but in our demonstration, we will see how to prepare the ZFS Storage Appliance virtual machine and also how to configure the Oracle ZFS appliance from the scratch and to ensure the readiness of the appliance, so that Oracle Grid and RDBMS can be installed.

Ken Jacobs, known to many as Dr. DBA, was a customer advocate, mentor, fearless leader, and one of Oracle's longest-term employees (second only to Larry Ellison himself). Sadly, Ken suffered a pulmonary embolism and passed away at the age of 71. Read more about Ken and the kind words that members of his community had to share about him and his work. Ken Jacobs will be missed by many!

We wanted to make sure you were in the loop on a few upcoming Quest members-only opportunities in November. You’re invited to the annual Quest Meeting of the Members – Tuesday, November 10 at 4pm ET. Join us to celebrate 25 years of learning, connecting and sharing with Quest as we confirm the Board of…

Everything works well on PowerPoint. That’s why we prefer live upgrades. Uncensored. After a short introduction we will showcase database upgrades to Oracle 19c on the command line. We will begin with the pre-upgrade tasks. Then we will start the upgrade, while simultaneously performing another upgrade using the AutoUpgrade feature of Oracle Database 19c. Multiple…

Engineers from Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for Oracle will share how using managed services can free up your time as an Oracle database administrator to be more valuable to your customers as an engineer. Remove the undifferentiated grunt work from your day to day by learning to use APIs to automate pain away. Use your freed up time to scale yourself as an engineer, focusing on tuning, scaling, design, data transformation and analysis.

Presented by:
Amit Grover, Senior Database Engineer
Amazon RDS for Oracle

Apr 24 @  3:30pm

  Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition has hundreds of powerful features that help you secure your data, and new capabilities are added with every release. In this session join Oracle product managers to discover 10 security features you may not be aware of. These features can help you streamline user administration, reduce your attack surface, deploy…

Apr 22 @  3:30pm

  The ever-changing IT industry requires DBA’s to keep their skills up-to-date. While only a few years ago, being a good Oracle, IBM or Microsoft DBA may have been sufficient to build and maintain a reasonable career, employers today look for a vastly broader and more adaptive skill set in their DBAs. This high-level session…

Learn what’s new from Oracle Database development, including a look at the latest features in Oracle Database 20c and what’s coming next. Presented by: William Hardie, Vice President Oracle Database Product Management Oracle Part of Quest Innovation Week 20

Apr 20 @  12:30pm

Learn what's new from Oracle Database development, including a look at the latest features in Oracle Database 20c and what's coming next. Presented by William Hardie, Vice President Oracle Database Product Management Part of Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week