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Oct 30 @  11:00am

Many schools have implemented Student Financials business processes without regular billing statements or are interested in doing so. Harvard University made this switch successfully in summer 2016 and hasn't looked back. This presentation will cover our design and implementation process, student self-service, due date assignment, communications, and other related topics. Speaker(s): Paul McWhorter, Sr Manager…

Oct 10 @  2:00pm

At Boise State University, we send a wide variety of communications to our students regarding their financial account. In this session, I will include basic setup, the types of communications we send and reason for each, how to utilize jobs to send and assign communications, troubleshooting suggestions, tips on naming conventions, and how to reset…

Oct 3 @  12:00pm

We will provide a demo of some innovative "bolt on" tools we have used for Guided Pathways and Student Placement, as recently required for California legislation AB 705. One of the tools is a configurable "survey" tool which asks the student questions used for placement. The second tool is a batch process that uses student…

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Oct 2 @  1:00pm

Not sure where love fits in the workplace, much less how to get the best from your peers by leading from a place of love? Don't miss this rare discussion with a former Higher Education senior project manager who led hundreds of staff through multi-million dollar changes and how she positively impacted the lives of…

Jun 4 @  2:00pm

How Southern Illinois University is extending Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) with Oracle Application Express (APEX) to provide custom applications to our users. Presented by Ellen Jahn, Technical Associate, Southern Illinois University

The Quest Oracle Community Board of Directors is comprised of Oracle customers who volunteer their time, expertise and leadership to advocate for the needs of the greater user community. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the organization’s direction, ensuring appropriate levels of resources and providing oversight for the organization.

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