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Nov 17

Oracle MAA SIG November Meeting

SIG Meetings & Calls

Presented at INSYNC 21

Session ID: 101400

This session focuses on how Oracle is applying Machine Learning technologies in Oracle to prevent performance issues and maintain availability. Autonomous Health architectures and algorithms are covered for both Autonomous Database and on-premise deployments. Deep dive use cases detail their use to proactively detect performance degradation through the phases of detection, root-cause analysis and targeted corrective actions. Actual use cases protecting session, database instances, nodes and storage are presented. Next, diagnostic use cases for rapid recovery monitoring configurations, log and trace files where analysis is based upon anomalous events and record signatures. The final section will cover integration into DevOps processes.

Presented at INSYNC 21

Session ID: 100350

Attend the first-ever Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting at Quest INSYNC 2021! The need to deliver increasing levels of availability continues to accelerate as enterprises reengineer their solutions. Given this fact, we will provide an update on the former Oracle RAC SIG along with an overview of the goals and objectives of the MAA SIG. Join this session to meet the new board and to learn about upcoming webinars as well as other activities going forward. The current Oracle Liaisons Anil and Markus will answer questions and receive feedback around topics such as Oracle MAA, HA and Scalability. Looking forward to virtually meeting you in our inaugural MAA SIG session!

Building on its COLLABORATE legacy, Quest is excited to introduce a BRAND NEW virtual conference, exclusively for Oracle Database and Technology users - INSYNC! The conference will take place on March 30 - April 1, 2021. We can't wait for you to join us, and INSYNC education is now live! Begin browsing the great education and networking opportunities we have in store for you!

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Attend the New Generation Oracle RAC SIG meeting at Collaborate 2020! We will have an overview of the RAC SIG's goals and objectives including meeting of the new board, upcoming webinars, and the next iteration of RAC Attack.  We will also have Anil Nair, Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager (RAC), attend this meeting to offer a sneak preview of what's coming in Oracle RAC and why Oracle RAC 19c and later is the RAC for a New Generation.  Finally, we will have a Q&A, so come and share with us your questions that you might have around Oracle RAC.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Nobody likes patching but it needs to be done. In this session learn directly from the Oracle Database Upgrade and Grid Infrastructure development teams about patching best practices and the latest enhancements to Oracle's patching infrastructure. Get hints and tips about the best ways to minimize disruption when patching your environment. No matter whether you use Oracle Real Application Clusters with Grid Infrastructure or you use Oracle Java Virtual Machine, this session offers a lot of real-world best practices directly from the experts.

Educational Webinar:
RACcheck is designed to be a proactive self-service method for customers to perform Health Checks on their RAC systems. RACcheck validates and provides system-specific feedback on configuration issues, Best Practices and Success Factors within a user-friendly HTML report. The overall Goal of RACcheck is to reduce the number of reactive issues with RAC by providing proper knowledge of configuration issues, Best Practice and Success Factors and how these "potential issues" can impact the target system.