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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Product companies which plan & operate manufacturing facilities or manage outsourced manufacturing face an increasing array of challenges related to:

The global trade shifting landscape

Managing a customer centric supply chain

The continuing challenges of staying cost competitive while maintaining on time in full delivery commitments.

Integrated Business Planning & Execution is a new approach to conventional Business Planning designed to help businesses make better decisions, faster. Come learn how customers can use Oracle Supply Chain products to anticipate demand, align the enterprise & achieve business objectives. Integrated business planning & execution provides the right material & financial plans to support decisions made at the speed of business. Develop an understanding of Integrated Business Planning & Execution. How Oracle innovations in guided resolution, machine learning & intuitive user interfaces can help your company enhance key performance metrics like forecast

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Meet ATCO - a Canadian utility company that went live with Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM on October 2018. Hear about our security journey from project mode to operations, and everything we've learned since go live. Topics will include security structure, security setup learnings, elevated access management, security change management, and general security challenges.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

A key business imperative for every company is to continuously improve their supply chain performance to remain competitive. This session showcases the unique advantage the Oracle SCM Cloud brings to supply chain management. Learn how Oracle SCM leverages both the cloud and advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and blockchain to help you optimize your supply chain performance.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020 

There was once a time when professionals learned primarily by sitting in a room and listening to an instructor lecture. Today, in modern learning environments, organizations have evolved to using new, flexible, convenient, and very effective, alternative, and hybrid delivery formats. In this session, we will discuss how to leverage modern learning to set your Oracle Cloud implementation on the fast track to success, using examples from multiple Oracle applications. Learn best practices for using modern learning and methods for deploying digital learning, in-application Guided Learning, and hybrid classroom and on-demand approaches. Come check out this session to learn how to take advantage of modern learning for a successful Oracle Cloud implementation. 

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Are you evaluating moving your manufacturing operations to the Cloud? Many companies have already successfully moved their supply chains to the cloud, and we are here to share what they learned. In this session, hear how our customers are finding success upgrading to a unified platform leveraging Oracle ERP & SCM Cloud.

Learn how to create your own virtual cloud network using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In this workshop you will see how to create your own compute instances, configured as web servers, and create a load balancer to manage the HTTP requests. You will also learn about OCI security, how to create and manage network routing rules, various storage options, and more. 

In this session, Douglas Kehring, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations at Oracle, will share the story of how the company leveraged the Oracle Cloud to reimagine its business and build delightful customer and employee experiences from end to end. Presented by: Douglas Kehring, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations Oracle

Apr 23 @  2:00pm

UC San Diego needed a platform to automate AP processes and facilitate 100% straight-through invoice processing. The platform also needed to be flexible and accommodate future ERP migrations without disrupting the supply chain. UCSD selected Transcepta because of their proven supplier onboarding process, and Transcepta’s status as the only P2P solution with an Oracle Validated…

Apr 23 @  11:00am

Spring is known as a time of renewal, of transformation, not unlike what customers are experiencing as they consider moving from JDE or EBS to the Cloud. Those innovative companies that have crossed that bridge are unlocking the power of their organizations by having Oracle’s Cloud solutions free up their people from performing routine, non-value-added…

Last month we told you about Modern Business Experience (MBX) in Chicago, March 23–26, 2020. This is a conference for CX, finance, HR, and supply chain professionals – a showcase for Oracle’s cloud applications. Each of the four product areas has its own targeted programs where attendees can focus on their specialty or choose to sample several content areas. Many of us have already registered to attend.