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Affordable, Reliable Disaster Recovery for Everyone


We’re sure you or someone you know has had the experience of jumping into the water with their phone still in a pocket. As soon as you realize that your brand new expensive phone is drowning in the water, desperation sets in. You ask yourself, “When was the last time I backed up my device?” or “Did I purchase the insurance plan?” Imagine the pit in your stomach as you wonder about how you will explain to your significant other that you need to buy a new phone. This anecdote is trite but serves to help you feel some feelings that are similar to those you might feel if you lost your critical business systems and didn’t have a solid disaster recovery plan in place.

Until recently, disaster recovery has been seen as an expensive and treacherous journey. Figuring out where, when, and exactly how your organization would recover its critical systems with what tolerance for data loss was more art than science. Disaster recovery was also extremely expensive. Solutions now exist that make disaster recovery a commodity that just about any organization can afford as a turn-key solution. Please join our presentation for an overview of how simple disaster recovery can be on Oracle Cloud with a tool like RackWare.

You will learn:

  • Why disaster recovery as a service DRaaS is the defacto approach to DR
  • Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the least expensive place to run your DR solution
  • How RackWare completely transforms disaster recovery to a one-click solution
  • How you can have disaster recovery for your critical systems for less than $1,200 / virtual machine year and be up and running with a viability test in less than a month

Presented by Arvind Rajan, Astute Business Solutions & Todd Matters, RackWare, Inc.