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Creating a Modern User Experience on any PeopleSoft Application Version

Today, PeopleSoft customers are looking for ways to open access and streamline delivered processes across pillars like Campus Solutions, HR and Financials/Supply Chain. The latest PeopleSoft delivered user experience, Fluid User Interface, can help modernize and mobilize PeopleSoft systems. Because adopting Fluid involves new development skills, many organizations are struggling with getting started especially with the retirement of Classic pages and the introduction of Classic Plus.

In this session, attendees will learn how to modernize and mobilize Pre 9.2 (without Fluid) PeopleSoft applications, create a strategic Fluid rollout/Pre 9.2 upgrade plan, and maximize the use & skills of internal PeopleSoft resources to manage Classic, Classic Plus, Fluid and Customizations – all with minimal effort, reduce customizations to align with Oracle selective adoption and lower the total cost of ownership of PeopleSoft applications.

Webinar Objectives:

– Create a modern, accessible and responsive Cloud like experience for students/employees by transforming delivered PeopleSoft transactions (regardless of application version) without customizing.

– Develop a strategic Fluid and User Experience (UX) roadmap.

– How to handle your existing PeopleSoft customizations in a pre 9.2 (no Fluid) and 9.2 (Fluid) installation.

Presented by Scott Hirni, Appsian