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PeopleSoft: Are You Frozen in Time?

Are you facing PUM updates but NOT fully realizing the benefits that you know you should be? Is how you use PeopleSoft frozen in time by perhaps 5 or even 10 years? Do you look around at conferences and success stories and wonder, “how is it possible that so many others are taking advantage of more PeopleSoft functionality…what can we do better?” Do you have older customizations that you know could probably be removed? Do you wonder HOW you can improve your use of PeopleSoft, HOW you can improve the end user experience and improve the relationship between the functional users and IT, and HOW you can ensure your business processes are optimized so that upper management understands the value of PeopleSoft?

Elire will present paths to unlocking the maximum value of your PeopleSoft footprint including:

  • Categorization and removal of older customizations so you can move forward and apply PUM images with confidence.
  • Movement toward a world where your organization looks forward to the next PUM update rather than dreads it.
  • Use of the latest features including Fluid, WorkCenters, Simplified Analytics, Pivot Grids, and Elasticsearch to fundamentally improve your user’s day to day interaction with PeopleSoft.

Presented by Michael Merrill, Partner & Jeff Hilliard, Associate Partner, Elire Inc.

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