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C19 JD Edwards Keynote: Sal Cisne’s Use of Orchestrator


Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Oracle JD Edwards, gave a keynote presentation at COLLABORATE 19 about JD Edwards customers who have showcased digital success with a 9.2 upgrade, UX One, Orchestrator, and automation in JDE.

Lyle brought up Wilker Costa, IT Manager for Sal Cisne, about the company’s use of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator and the benefits that it has brought with it.

About Sal Cisne

Sal Cisne produces 20,000 tons of salt—contributing to Brazil’s position as one of the top 10 largest salt producers in the world. Sal Cisne serves 3,000 customers in the retail industry of Brazil. The company employees approximately 600 people. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator helped the company transform its manufacturing through automation.

Challenges Faced

Initially, Sal Cisne users were resistant to change. However, users warmed up to it once they realized the benefits that Orchestrator would bring along. Sal Cisne was able to use Orchestrator to automate manual processes in order to improve accuracy and efficiency. By using Orchestrator, the company was able to avoid worry over human errors.

Achievements with Orchestrator

Sal Cisne implemented the JDE Orchestrator in 2016 to control and manage manufacturing processes. All steps were automated from Work Order release to Work Order completion. There is absolutely no human interaction taking place during this process. Using Orchestrator in this basic IoT scenario has drastically improved the accuracy and efficiency of the process.

Costa explained that, in order to be a leader in the Brazilian salt market, a company needs to have a strong brand, a high-quality product, and excellent customer service. Bring automation to Sal Cisne through the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator has allowed the company to accomplish those things and exceed customer expectations.

Building Orchestrations

One of the benefits of Orchestrator is that a business analyst is able to design Orchestrations without the help of the IT team. Business analysts have the basic knowledge of JD Edwards and the business processes that could benefit from being automated through the Orchestrator, so they are perfect for the job. Building Orchestrations is easy to do, but if a business analyst does want to build more complex Orchestrations over time, they can always enlist the help of a developer if need be.

Ultimately, leveraging Orchestrator at Sal Cisne allowed the company to transform JD Edwards applications, improve productivity, and modernize the decision-making process. For more information about how Sal Cisne put the Orchestrator to use, check out the video below.

C19 JD Edwards Keynote: Sal Cisne’s Use of Orchestrator