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How to Improve Your Onboarding Process with Oracle HCM Cloud

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Neeraj Narang, Director of HCM Product Strategy at Oracle, recently gave a presentation about how to improve your onboarding with Oracle HCM Cloud by creating a unified and structured process.

Benefits of a Unified and Structured Onboarding Process

There are numerous benefits of having a unified and structured onboarding process. Acclimating your employees to the organization and the culture is a key part of making them feel welcome and making them want to stay. A few of the benefits of a great onboarding process that were highlighted in Neeraj’s presentation include:

  • Continuous engagement, clarification and acclimation to culture, which leads to higher retention
  • Ensuring compliance so you can operate with excellence
  • Employee satisfaction and commitment

4 Building Blocks of the Onboarding Process

There are four essential building blocks that are necessary to improve your onboarding process. These four C’s are easy to remember and will make a big difference in the way to integrate new hires into your organization and culture.

  • Compliance: Teach employees basic legal and policy-related rules and regulations.
  • Clarifications: Make sure employees understand their new jobs and all related expectations.
  • Culture: Familiarize employees with the organization’s culture, values, ethics, initiatives, etc.
  • Connections: Introduce employees to vital interpersonal relationships and information networks.

Using Oracle Onboarding to Improve Your Process

Oracle HCM Cloud delivers a Cloud Onboarding solution that is part of the Core HR solution, designed to work seamlessly with Oracle Recruiting Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud. The solution provides a modern, mobile and responsive user experience that helps guide new hires (and sometimes existing employees) down a path where they can become engaged, productive and dedicated team members.

Oracle Onboarding provides a comprehensive business process for new hires. With this process and solution, companies will be able to provide:

  • New hire engagement: Preboarding and onboarding for continuous engagements; connections with mentors, team and other new hires
  • Productivity and compliance: Guided tutorials, document and video distribution, and integration with third-party solution providers
  • Task management: Interdependent and independent tasks, auto-assignment of tasks, progress tracking, and workflows
  • Suite experience: A single source for personal details, benefits, learning, payroll and talent for both new hires and existing employees going through a transitional phase
  • Innovative design: A responsive user experience that provides social collaboration and adaptive business processes

The Onboarding solution contains tasks for new hires that need to be completed before their first day, on their first day, and within their first 30 days. There is a smooth transition and seamless experience between each of the phases of onboarding—the user is simply being assigned new tasks in each phase. With Oracle Onboarding, you can embed videos or documents, auto-assign tasks, manage compliance and track tasks.

The system starts with a guided tutorial on how to navigate the system before moving into the onboarding process. New hires can find useful links here that tell them about the company, the office, the culture, etc. Once you’ve moved to the actual Onboarding screen, new hires will be able to see assigned tasks. The tiles will show what the task is, when it is due, and if any prerequisites are required before it can be accessed. As a new hire moves through the phases of onboarding, they will be shown new tasks assigned in each phase. They will still be able to see and access tasks that were completed in a previous phase—giving them complete visibility into the process.

The screen will also showcase “Fun Stuff” like volunteering opportunities and upcoming events that can engage your new hires and get them involved with the company. There is a “Note Board” section where you can include information about the date and time for their first day, the company address, what to bring, and any additional notes that might prepare them for their first day. Finally, there is a section for News and Announcements that include any important information about upcoming events or helpful articles that you think your new hire should see.

How to Improve Your Onboarding Process with Oracle HCM Cloud