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JD Edwards Customer Shares Custom Mobile Application at BLUEPRINT 4D

JD Edwards Customer Shares Custom Mobile Application at BLUEPRINT 4D

Melody Bivona is the Director of Enterprise Applications Services at Penn Engineering and a JD Edwards customer.  She has over 22 years of experience managing JDE implementations and upgrades.  Melody presented one of the top attended customer-led session at this year’s BLUEPRINT 4D Conference in Dallas, TX! Her session, Create Powerful Custom Mobile Applications Leveraging Enterprise One Functionality Through Orchestrations and VBCS, explored how Penn created a Shipping application using VBCS and Orchestrations to replace their existing aging technology.  The app is now used by their warehouse staff to pack sales orders, print labels, ship confirm the orders and auto print the associated order and pallet packing lists.  The application ensures accuracy of part, location, and lot scanned, but also can send an email to the warehouse supervisor of inventory discrepancies, which can help proactively avoid customer shortages. The application runs on Surface Gos using Bluetooth scanners and a mobile zebra printer.  The Shipping app runs within JDE as a Composed Page with soft coding allowing the AIS user token to be used for all Orchestration calls, which allows Penn to maintain the user level auditing tracking and JDE security that is necessary for inventory management.  Melody hopes that attendees learned how to leverage VBCS to create custom user interfaces powered by Orchestrations access from within JDE as menu options or composed pages so that they can extend the functionality of JDE without costly customizations.

If you missed Melody’s session at the conference, you can watch the recording here: Create powerful custom mobile applications leveraging Enterprise One functionality through Orchestrations and VBCS.

BLUEPRINT 4D Highlights

In addition to her own session, we asked Melody to highlight which BLUEPRINT 4D sessions she found to be most informative.  Here were her top picks:

1. Integration and Automation, presented by Deepak Arora, Oracle

In this session, Deepak shared the how the latest developments and the most recent releases of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Process Automations have helped JD Edwards and PeopleSoft customers easily connect and continuously innovate in distributed cloud environments.

Melody says that this session provided her with so many ideas of how to leverage more tools within Penn’s Oracle Cloud subscription, especially B2B. B2B Oracle Integrations is going to enable them to onboard more customers faster with less cost to their company.

You can view the recording of this session here: Integration and Automation.

2. Outbound Inventory Management for Consignment and VMI, presented by Bernadette Durham, Terillium

In this session, attendees learned about how customers can reduce inventory carrying cost and drive process efficiency by using Consigned and Vendor Managed Inventory.

Melody appreciated this session because this new module will reduce the complexity of Penn’s current JDE setup to manage these types of customer relationships.  They are planning to move more customers to VMI, and this module provides the foundation, processing, and reporting that will reduce the complexity, while providing more functionality.

You can view the recording of this session here: Outbound Inventory Management for Consignment and VMI.

BLUEPRINT 4D Key Takeaways

In addition to sharing her knowledge with other customers and attending the sessions mentioned above at BLUEPRINT 4D, Melody noted that her most valuable take away from the conference was learning about the powerful citizen developer toolsets that are available in JD Edwards Release 23.

For a full list of JDE sessions and recordings at BLUEPRINT 4D, check out the BLUEPRINT 4D Event Hub on the Quest website.

BLUEPRINT 4D is back in Dallas in 2024, May 7th – 10th.  Don’t forget to save the date so you can attend in-person next year!

JD Edwards Customer Shares Custom Mobile Application at BLUEPRINT 4D