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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud for Financial Reporting

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Data Intensity is an IT service management company that aims to help customers overcome challenges throughout their Cloud journey. They help customers identify the right Cloud technologies to deliver faster time-to-value, reduced costs, and a predictable path to achieve business outcomes. Data Intensity decided to utilize the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud to solve a problem that they were facing around financial reporting.

Why Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud?

Before the decision to use Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, Data Intensity’s finance team was spending roughly 60 percent of its time just getting the data out of systems. Therefore, only the remaining 40 percent of the time was spent generating value back to the business.

The decision was made to use Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud because it was quick, easy, solved a lot of problems for Data Intensity, and suited the company’s agile development.

Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

Some of the benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse that Data Intensity noticed were:

  • An initial saving of nearly a quarter of $1 million dollars
  • Users getting page refreshes four to five times faster than they were before
  • Running on 10 times less hardware than before
  • Flexibility and scalability

James Anthony, CTO at Data Intensity, said that the flexibility of the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is amazing. During a financial reporting period, end of the quarter, or end of the year, Data Intensity can scale the solution up to provide huge performance. Then, during the rest of the time, they can scale it back down and barely pay anything.

Data Intensity’s CFO is “delighted” with the implementation, according to Anthony, because the solution allowed him to do something that he couldn’t do before. That was the key advantage. He was able to sit in a board meeting and get the data then and there—at his fingertips.

Another perk that Data Intensity noted was that they don’t administrate the database. The Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics Cloud put a much greater user community together. Data Intensity now has roughly 10 times the number of users accessing the system than they used to. Those users are now able to add more value instead of spending all of their time fishing data out of the system.

If you’d like to see this product in action checkout our Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud test drive video.

For more information, visit www.oracle.com/autonomouscloud or check out the video below for a demonstration on how the Oracle Autonomous  Data Warehouse Cloud can help you easily access your data and analytics.

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