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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

We are creatures of habit. We tend to stay the course concerning what we create and how we create it. But is this tendency causing us to settle for just good enough? From OBIEE to Data Visualization Desktop to Oracle Analytics Cloud… this is not your parent’s OBIEE. Maybe it’s time for a reboot?

In this presentation, we’ll explore the new face of Oracle Analytics, both literally by looking at Oracle Data Visualization, and figuratively with how advances in the platform can affect our approach and methodology. If you are new to Oracle Analytics, I’ll convince you that this product is capable of enabling a data-driven culture. If you’ve been around the block a few times with OBIEE, then I’ll make you question how you’ve delivered analytics in the past.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are a lot like preserving the Earth's environment: Almost everyone is talking about what should be done to save it, but very few people have committed to actually doing something about it.

This session demonstrates a few real-life opportunities to discover unseen patterns and relationships within sample financial and election data by leveraging the AI and ML capabilities already built into Oracle Autonomous Database.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

DBAs spend time dealing with maintenance, security, and outage issues with little time for innovation. Self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing Autonomous Databases free data professionals to leverage their domain knowledge and data skills to extract more value from data. Oracle Machine Learning, part of Autonomous Database, “moves the algorithms to the data” for in-database processing of machine learning algorithms that eliminate data movement. Now, the entire machine learning process:  problem statement, data understanding and preparation, model building and evaluation, model apply and model deployment runs inside the Oracle Database.   Database developers perform many supporting tasks today, typically 80% of the work, but refer to them as ETL, data wrangling, data transformations, and productionizing scripts.   Come learn how ADW, ATP, and Oracle Machine Learning makes it easy for you to easily expand your valuable data skills and become “data scientists” in just 6 weeks!

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for your on-premise, hybrid, and cloud estate through a single pane of glass. Through its holistic approach, Oracle Enterprise Manager offers rich features as a foundation for monitoring all components of your IT infrastructure. This session gives valuable insight into monitoring best practices with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c. Learn practical tips and strategies with common use cases to simplify and streamline monitoring of your IT ecosystem. Drill-down topics covered include best practices, common challenges, and new features in monitoring including Intelligent Incident Compression, Always-On Monitoring, login page customization, consolidating alerts, and more.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Based on Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Architecture,  Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) provides a fully automated data warehouse specific features to deliver outstanding query performance. ADW also comes with a library of Oracle machine learning algorithms and a new set of tools such as SQL notebooks for predictive analytics and machine learning. This allows Data scientists to run Machine Learning projects in Oracle Database without moving data and also allows Database developers to pick up Machine learning with database tables, SQL, and PL/SQL. l This session will examine Oracle Machine Learning as part of ADW collaborative environment. We will discuss the process to develop machine learning applications in the ADW Oracle Machine Learning environment:  analyze and prepare data set;  build and evaluate and apply machine learning model. We also will discuss other Oracle Machine Learning family products and what new features are coming up in Oracle 20c.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

In this session you will learn from our vast experience seamless migration of EBS,PeopleSoft,JDE,Siebel and Non Oracle workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We will demonstrate different migration approaches for App and Database migration.

Discuss Project Plan, RACI Matrix for migration of Work Load to OCI. Deep dive into AS-IS and TO-BE Architecture on OCI.

Understand Performance Improvements with Apps moving to IaaS and ExaCS. Understand Monitoring, Automation, Tools & Utilities on OCI

William Hardie, Vice President of Oracle Database Product Management, recently shared that customers who are wishing to utilize the Machine Learning, Spatial, and Graph features of Oracle Database are no longer required to purchase additional licenses. This is keeping with Oracle's mission to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities. 

Dimitri Gielis, the founder of AOP and APEX R&D, wrote about the best and cheapest Oracle APEX hosting - Oracle Cloud Free Tier.

At Oracle OpenWorld 2019, Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison shared four recent database innovations and announced a new free version - the Always Free program.

A simple capture and commit that defined traditional transaction processing has now changed to transactions from mobile devices, algorithmic trading, IoT devices and many more. In addition to performance, scalability and 24×7 availability, these transactions need built-in security and auditability support which can only be provided using advanced autonomous capabilities. Join us for this session…