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Oracle Journeys - Driving Orgazational Success

An example of an Oracle Journeys tile.

Oracle Cloud HCM users have powerful features and capabilities at their fingertips. One of these—and a huge driver of organizational success—is called Oracle Journeys.

What are Oracle Journeys?

Oracle Journeys are guided, personalized experiences that help employees work towards a goal.  They empower the user as an employee, while elevating the user’s personal experience.  Through Journeys, users can effectively move through professional endeavors, such as onboarding, career advancement, new projects, and more.  Additionally, they can apply the Journeys experience to personal endeavors like getting married or having a baby.

There are several key benefits of Journeys.

  1. Journeys provide personalized employee experiences. They can even include step-by-step coaching to help employees succeed at work.
  2. Journeys simplify the complex. By providing contextual statistics, training, and instructions throughout the guided digital journey, you can assist employees in making educated decisions.
  3. Journeys unify the employee experience. They use a single source of people data throughout the entire organization.
  4. Journeys can be enterprise wide. Extending guided journeys helps advise employees on contract management, position management, finances, and project management.
  5. Journeys can be extended beyond Oracle. Connecting to external applications enables you to make the most of Journeys while maintaining a uniform user experience and protecting employee data.

Oracle Journeys empower you to create personalized journeys with guided workflows, build new journeys, and extend journeys. For each category, there are exciting features to know about:

Personalized Journeys with Guided Workflows

  • Journeys LaunchPad
  • Direction & Accessibility
  • Personalized Employee Guidance
  • Embedded Employee Support
  • Guidance for the Entire Workforce

Build New Journeys

  • Journeys Creator
  • Expansive Library with 30+ Journey Templates
  • Cross-Enterprise Guidance
  • Guidance Powered by Insights

Extend Journeys

  • Journeys Booster
  • Connected, Actionable HR Support
  • Guidance from Anywhere, Anytime

There are several different types of and ways to use Journeys.

The types of Journeys are listed below:

  • Contextual Journey – Based on the context of the transaction in HCM, examples include transferring, promoting, or terminating an employee
  • Guided Journeys – Provide guidance of an HCM workflow, examples include guiding a Line Manager on how to transfer an employee
  • Enterprise Onboarding Journeys – Can be automatically or manually allocated to New Hires

Contextual Journeys offer additional options for navigation. You can provide guidance to your workers based on your needs and expectations—sharing content and direction to users within the flow of work.

If your user is navigating within the application, depending on the rules you’ve configured, you can either direct them straight to the transaction to make needed updates or provide them direction to a journey with additional details. When directed to a journey, the user will get additional guidance for making good decisions and maintaining accuracy.

Providing contextual guidance and information is essential to ensure efficiencies and engagement of your workforce.

Within Oracle Journeys, you can configure rules and provide contextual guidance to assist users.

Contextual Journeys in Action

Employees don’t have to seek out Oracle Journeys—the Journeys are presented to the employee.

Journeys can be assigned automatically using eligibility, assigned by managers, or found in the library.

We’ll look at an example below. The employee, Paul, can access the following Journeys from the Journeys tile:

An example of an Oracle Journeys tile.

Additionally, Paul can select a Journey from his Quick Actions. He clicks Add Absence, prompting the following screen:

Paul can select a Journey from his Quick Actions. He clicks Add Absence, prompting the following screen.

Paul has several Absence options to browse as he determines which type applies to his situation. If he clicks on the Doing Good, Giving Back (Volunteer) tile, Paul sees the following screen:

In this journey, Paul has several options for things he needs to do to volunteer.

This screen was personalized by his manager, Liz, according to company preferences.

Paul’s Journey in adding an absence is simple, personalized, and efficient.

Contextual Journeys allow you as an organization to infuse your culture in every engagement, ensuring your workers have the information they need to understand your organizational drivers and objectives to influence their flow of work and decision-making anywhere, anytime.

By providing the Journey in context, you’ll empower your employee to increase efficiency and productivity while enjoying an optimized experience. Contextual analytics, contextual learning, and contextual assets can be inserted. Contextual assets include videos, documents, questionnaires, and instructional text.

Your employees will have the decision-making support directly in context, when and where they need it. This personalized experience in context of the flow of work supports better employee decision-making.

Baylor University’s Success with Oracle Journeys

A great model for success with Oracle Journeys comes from Baylor University.

At Baylor University, the personalized journey experience begins long before an applicant applies for a position and extends well beyond their exit from the organization:

Baylor has diversified its journey experience to give applicants, employees, retirees, and those leaving the organization a customized step-by-step iterative process designed for their success.

This is just one example of using customize non-Oracle delivered journeys to streamline and guide employee journey experiences.  To learn more about Baylor’s success with Journeys consider watching their BLUEPRINT 4D presentation here: Transform Your Employee Experience By Uncovering The Potential of Oracle Journeys.

Key Takeaway

By leveraging Oracle Journeys in Oracle Cloud HCM, your organization can drive organizational success while empowering and supporting your employees through personalized experiences.  For more sessions on Oracle Journeys, consider checking out the following:

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Oracle Journeys - Driving Orgazational Success