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PeopleSoft Page And Field Configurator

The PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator eliminates the need for page customizations through Application Designer. You can make fields display only or hide them. You can also make fields required or change field labels all without customization. In addition, you can even hide an entire page.

Using the Page and Field Configurator Tool on the Maintain Proposal Page in the PeopleSoft Grants Application

Before applying any new configurations to the page, let’s first review the Maintain Proposals page as it is currently. Going forward, the following changes will be applied: the reference award number field will be required, the federal award identification number field will be hidden, the label for the PI ID field will be updated, a default value will be assigned to the pre-award administrator field, and the proposal type field will be changed to display only. You will be able to hide an entire page—the reports page for an example.

Select the component, the GM proposal, which is available to all users. Then enter a description and identify criteria for applying page changes. In the configure field property section, select fields to update. You can modify a label, hide a field, disable entry to a field, make a field required and provide a default value. Additionally, the configuring page visibility section lets you hide an entire page within the component. The next step is to configure the property for each field changed. Make reference award id field required and hide federal identification award number field. Then, change label of PI ID field to principle investigator. Assign a default value to the pre-award administrator field. Finally, disable entry for the proposal type. After this, hide reports page and save configurations. Confirm validity of configuration definition against page meta-data in the database.

The User List page gives you and your business powerful capabilities. You can define multiple configurations to the same component based on user ids and roles. You can define roles and users for the page changes made. The Map to Portal Registry page enables you to select the appropriate portal navigation. Then, click the apply configuration button to apply configurations. The system displays a message confirming successful mapping. Return to the Maintain Proposals page to view changes.

The PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator tool enables you to tailor PeopleSoft pages to meet your user needs without using App Designer and without the cost and impact that comes with customization.

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PeopleSoft Page And Field Configurator