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Recent Updates to Page and Field Configurator

As part of PeopleSoft Week 2020, Joe Willever, PeopleSoft Product Strategy Manager, presented recent updates to Page and Field Configurator.

Overview of Page and Field Configurator

The PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator (PFC) is intended to eliminate minor routine customizations. These include but are not limited to changing labels, hiding fields, disabling fields, defaulting values, requiring fields, or hiding an entire page within a component. All of this is based upon field-based or role-based criteria.

PFC is available for both Fluid and Classic pages. If you are using it on a Fluid component, then you can actually configure it to display differently for device size. The minimum Tools release for the features in this post is PeopleTools 8.56.02.

PFC makes it very easy to create a configuration. It was created as a functional tool. The steps to creating a configuration are as follows:

  1. Select the component
  2. Add criteria
  3. Select fields for change
  4. Identify impacted roles
  5. Apply the configuration

Updates to Page and Field Configurator

The following use case regards maintaining project information in Financials. These are the users:

  • MYOUNG is responsible for creating the project, updating start dates, and should not have access to end date-type information.
  • CTRAN is responsible for maintaining the project status and updating end dates but should not have access to start date information.
  • VP1 is the PFC Administrator.

The requirements are to use PFC to differentiate displays by user and to configure common label changes across the organization.

VP1 is excluded from any configuration changes.

The following image shows the General Information tile as delivered:

Notice the ability to affect both start date and end date. MYOUNG should only have access to start dates, and CTRAN should only have access to end dates. Additionally, there are labels that should be changed across the entire organization. The Activity Owner field should be changed to Responsible Party. Second, the description field should be required. Finally, the Quality tab should be hidden. All of this will be achieved in Page and Field Configurator.

Page and Field Configurator is component-based. For every component, there is at least one market. Most components are set with the global market, particularly in HCM and Finance. With recent updates, administrators select either Standard or Masked for the configuration type. All configurations to date have defaulted to Standard.

PFC allows you to create different behavior and displays through separate sequences. In this case, there should be 3 sequences:

Sequence 1 applies to MYOUNG.

Sequence 2 applies to CTRAN.

Sequence 3 applies to common changes.

Apply Additively is a new checkbox. Prior to this checkbox, only one sequence could be used to control the behavior that the end user sees. Once the criteria made for one specific sequence was met, the other sequences were ignored and not evaluated. This meant complex configurations were met with limitations. Additionally, when data masking became available, functionality and masking needed to occur simultaneously. Now, you can create specific sequences that are applied in addition to original sequences.

The following image shows the new behavior for MYOUNG. The Start Date is enterable. The Finish Date info is Read Only. The common changes have been updated. Multiple sequences have been applied.

The following applies to CTRAN.

Further capabilities of the Page and Field Configurator Administrator are available. There is a multi-select capability which allows you to select multiple fields to create criteria for quickly and simply.

More abilities include copying criteria and field properties, selecting fields for secondary pages in addition to primary pages, and a status at the sequence level. Another item available is the ability to review sequences and how they are being processed. From the modal window, you can set the status and view which were applied additively. Basically, the additive selection means the sequence will always be evaluated.

For Fluid components, you can identify the form factor or device size as criteria. In certain use cases, customers wanted to show fewer fields on the small form factors. Do this by selecting the small form factor and then selecting fields to hide.

Another use case involves the ability to hide columns on small form factors. If you are in a grid and you want to eliminate the horizontal scroll, you could use PFC to hide columns not being used by the organization.

In our use case, the Analyze Events page shows a sourcing event with bidders, bid amounts, and cost shown. There are certain individuals that should have access to see the bids, but they should not see the actual amount or cost associated with the bid. In short, it must be masked.

Once in PFC, the configuration type is set to Masking. It looks very similar to standard configurations. The difference is that the selections you make are simply to mask fields.

Date fields can mask either day, month, year, or any combination. There is also an option to mask fully or partially (as for the last 4 of a credit card). Furthermore, you can identify masked characters as X or *. Finally, you can identify if you are going to retain the separators.

When applied, the page looks like this:

PFC Recent Updates Summary

The enhancements that have been made in 2020 include data masking, applying multiple configurations additively, and multi-select as a capability for PFC administrator. These were delivered in HCM and Campus Solutions and are coming soon to Financials. In 2019, modal windows were enabled, criteria could include multiple roles, and sequences could be marked active or inactive.

Future Plans for Page and Field Configurator

Future plans for Page and Field Configurator include:

  • Add description/comments box
  • Extend criteria to include fields selected by the user on the page
  • Improve selection capabilities for PFC admin
  • Default system variables for a field (user login, system date, etc.)
  • Expand criteria to use ‘or’ and parenthesis
  • Enable hiding charts on a fluid page

To learn more about Page and Field Configurator, check out the PeopleSoft Week 2020 presentation and additional resources below.

Additional Resources

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Recent Updates to Page and Field Configurator