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Mar 13 @  1:00pm

Join us for a Cloud Learning Series focused on making a successful Move to the Cloud. Hear from Oracle experts, as well as customers who have made the move. Learn best practices for all the key areas of your organization: people, technology, data, and business processes. No matter your timeline, this series will help you…

At Quest, we strive to make sure ALL stakeholders feel included and have a sense of belonging in the Quest community. We strive to foster an organization where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves into the community. Over the years, the Quest community has had members of the LGBTQIA++ community involved in our community, and many have held leadership positions of Quest. During the month of June, we honor their involvement and accomplishments in Quest by pausing to understand the history of the month, to raise awareness on inclusivity best practices and to highlight organizations that are at the intersection of LGBTQIA++ and technology.

Women’s History Month marks an opportunity to celebrate, support and uplift women. And at this time, I am reminded of both the people who had a strong influence on my life and Maya Angelou’s words, “Prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. Be a blessing to somebody.”

Without conflict, it is extremely difficult for people to truly commit to changes that will impact their daily work. And in fact, stifling conflict when it arises increases the likelihood of destructive, back-channel sniping and leads to sub-optimal decision-making. Therefore, if we want our transformation efforts to return real benefit to the organization we serve, we must mine for productive conflict!

Join former four-time CIO and best-selling author of People Before Things, Chris Laping, in this 60-minute webinar to learn tips on how to engage others in more unfiltered discussion around important topics.

While Power Forms, Tab Controls and Graph Controls have been available for some time in JDE, not many applications take full advantage of their power and capabilities. Come and see a demonstration of how to develop Power Forms with both Tab Controls and Graph Controls and see some real life examples of their uses. 

Richard Wilde, Klik IT Limited

Come to this session to have an open question and answer discussion about JD Edwards mobile strategy.

Ervin Rhodes, Oracle

EnterpriseOne CNC Tips based on over 20 years of consulting experience and usage of Server Manager. 

Frank Jordan, ERP Suites