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One great event. Five impactful programs. Unlimited learning & networking.

With record attendance and a hugely successful program, BLUEPRINT 4D 2023 is a wrap!

The 4-day event drew over 1,500 hundred attendees. With 450+ education sessions and five distinct programs (including the JD Edwards Forum, a freshly redesigned PeopleSoft RECONNECT Live!, the new Oracle Cloud Summit, the Oracle Database Forum and an expanded 2-day Quest Executive Forum), BLUEPRINT 4D delivered an insightful, innovative and engaging event that received rave reviews.

Women’s History Month marks an opportunity to celebrate, support and uplift women. And at this time, I am reminded of both the people who had a strong influence on my life and Maya Angelou’s words, “Prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. Be a blessing to somebody.”

Without conflict, it is extremely difficult for people to truly commit to changes that will impact their daily work. And in fact, stifling conflict when it arises increases the likelihood of destructive, back-channel sniping and leads to sub-optimal decision-making. Therefore, if we want our transformation efforts to return real benefit to the organization we serve, we must mine for productive conflict!

Join former four-time CIO and best-selling author of People Before Things, Chris Laping, in this 60-minute webinar to learn tips on how to engage others in more unfiltered discussion around important topics.

While Power Forms, Tab Controls and Graph Controls have been available for some time in JDE, not many applications take full advantage of their power and capabilities. Come and see a demonstration of how to develop Power Forms with both Tab Controls and Graph Controls and see some real life examples of their uses. 

Richard Wilde, Klik IT Limited

Come to this session to have an open question and answer discussion about JD Edwards mobile strategy.

Ervin Rhodes, Oracle

EnterpriseOne CNC Tips based on over 20 years of consulting experience and usage of Server Manager. 

Frank Jordan, ERP Suites

Improve the efficiency & effectiveness of your HR business processes an online self-service Inquire, Request, Change & Update portal for employees and managers.  Empower users with PC, Tablet and Mobile to intuitively acquire and maintain data related to people and positions.  Eliminate duplication of effort, improve accuracy, and improve data privacy.  A sophisticated workflow module works against JDE business rules and hierarchies / positions.  Managers can easily approve, deny, or request clarification or resubmit the request from Email and/or Native App notification.  EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Personal, Organization, Salary, Contact, Confirmation of Employment, etc. Update Fields Directly or via Request.  BANKING/TAX:  Pay Stub Details & History, Direct Deposit, Form Inquiry / Change.  LEAVE REQUEST: Intuitive Calendar.  BENEFITS MGMT.: Enrollment & Change with Forms/Doc management.  TIME ENTRY:  Approvals, Pay Period Hours, Defaults, History. 

Doug Palaske, K-Rise

Carr is a privately-held real estate company that owns and manages 14 high-quality commercial properties in the greater DC area, Boston MA and Austin TX totaling over 4.4 million square feet.  JP Morgan is its largest investor.  Ilan Zachar, IT Director, will share how Carr leveraged Big Data and incorporated AI and ML to realize their 4 pillars (wellness, hospitality, space optimization and sustainability).

Ilan Zachar, Carr Properties

JDE Orchistration vs. BSSV Integration - Which one is right for your organization? The answer might not be as straight forward as you might think. We will break down the strengths and weaknesses of each architecture with some real-world examples, and discuss which strategies to consider when deciding on your optimal solution.

Mirek Cieslak, Denovo

Are you struggling to create, maintain and manage numerous, often complex reports with BI Publisher? Join this session to learn best practices, practical how-tos and a demonstration on how to simplify reporting with BI Publisher. We will also highlight a real-life customer example of a SharePoint integration that helped them more easily launch and share reports.

Presented by Tonio Thomas, Circular Edge