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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Want an easier way to interface with your external vendors?  Do it using Query?  We will show you how simple it is to make changes to what is sent by using Queries and XML transformation.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Transitioning to leadership requires a broadening for the technical associate. This broadening is not simply changing from technologist to a manager, but also provides new opportunities for an associate to explore. How does one create an identity as a leader? How does one create his team's identity? How does this transition fit into the individual's aspirations? This session helps prepare people who are interested in leadership and people who just made the transition.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Many DBA's want to be better DBA's, and many non­DBA's want to become DBA's. Often the primary training for this is in technical topics, memorizing tons of details, or being able to be the first to solve a technical issue. Yet some of the best DBA's I've known over the past 25 years start with "I don't know." So what 10 things do you need to do to be a great DBA that has nothing to do with databases?

How you interact with others in writing, reading, communication, talking, presenting, being able to repeat things, and more.

Apr 16 @  11:00am

A necessary upgrade. A new integration. Saving time and money through implementing workflow. Whatever the project, it started with great intentions. Everyone was excited to get started. Then, things started to go off the rails. People started blaming the technology, the vendor, the environment, each other. You heard cries of, “When will this ever end?”…

Oct 2 @  1:00pm

Not sure where love fits in the workplace, much less how to get the best from your peers by leading from a place of love? Don't miss this rare discussion with a former Higher Education senior project manager who led hundreds of staff through multi-million dollar changes and how she positively impacted the lives of…