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Useful content, ease of use and understandable functionality are as (or more) important than visual design for an effective type-ahead. We’ll look at examples and discuss best practices to help you guide your users to what they are looking for and what you want to show them.

Machine Learning is hot. Every new technology (and most old ones) claim to incorporate it into their platform, but few can explain in plain English what the machine learning is there for and whether it has application for you. In this session, we’ll talk about what artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks actually are, what they’re good and bad at, and enumerate Ecommerce use cases where these technologies are useful. We’ll focus on Endeca search and navigation and the role of Experience Manager curation, but also look at Ecommerce generally as we attempt to inject some common sense into the conversation about machine learning and help you decide which capabilities you actually need.

You keep hearing Oracle talk about Continuous Delivery. What the heck does that REALLY mean? This session will focus on what that is, what it means and the benefits to your Company.

Our client is an apex body that controls technical education in India and controls over 20000+ institutes. Years back the client moved from paper transaction to web based approvals as an eGovernance initiative.

It is hard to make intelligent decisions when you only have partial facts. Learn how a complete, future-proof and trusted cloud can modernize your business now and into the future.

Come hear from The Prince’s Trust (the UK’s largest charitable organization) share how their successful Oracle Cloud implementation included launching their new learning platform.

As machine learning and analytics become an essential part of doing business, there is a greater need to connect data with better customer experiences.

JD Edwards companies are increasingly turning to Oracle's Sales Cloud CRM to modernize their sales processes.

TriMark USA, a provider of distribution, sales, and construction jobs, and more than 600,000 products, embarked on a cloud modernization project to transform its business by moving 14 separate divisions from more than 10 legacy ERP applications and onto an integrated ERP/CX cloud suite.