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Presented at JDE Week: Game Changers 23

Accurate master data is the bedrock for system integrity. It guides users through the master data process to ensure the data is entered, approved, and finally loaded, via integrations, into JDE. It can also utilize system processes to reduce manual input for improved accuracy and efficiency. This demo will include several processes we use to achieve these goals:
MRO: This process allows users to request and approve new MRO items, then utilize a third party to scrub the data, and accurately categorize prior to load items to JDE.
Purchase Items: Purchased item requests can be manually entered or fed into the request form by our product engineers via our PLM application. Requests are entered, approved, and systematically loaded to JDE.
Finished Goods: New finished goods SKU requests are entered and approved. Then the items, UOM conversions, BOM’s, and routings are loaded to JDE. There are several validations to ensure data accuracy and verify the items are allowed based on our PLM application.


1. Integration: We will show how this platform uses several data integration methods with JDE via direct data access, calling business functions directly, and using Orchestrations to load data.
2. Process Improvement: We will also show how these processes are leading to improved data integrity and user efficiency
3. Agility: Low/No-code platform allows the development team to quickly fulfill business requirements

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 3/09/23

The JD Edwards Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D takes place May 8-11 in Dallas, TX. In this blog series, we talk to speakers, panelists and other attendees to get their thoughts on the JD Edwards Forum agenda.

We chatted this week with Chandra Wobschall at Brightview. Here’s what she had to say.

Presented at JD Edwards Week: Game Changers 23
During this session, you will learn how Rehrig Pacific streamlined several business processes using Orchestrations and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to integrate third party applications with JD Edwards.
Topics covered will include:
• Using Orchestrator to integrate Avalara Tax Software with JD Edwards reducing the number of customizations from 30 to 3
• Creating Orchestrations to integrate PC*MILER with JD Edwards to automate the fuel surcharge and days-in-transit calculations
• Integrating Concur Invoice Software with JD Edwards using Boomi iPaaS to streamline the invoice process

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 3/08/23

Presented at JD Edwards Week : Game Changers 23

JD Edwards Orchestrator and AIS server provide a feature rich set of tools and APIs for building seamless Business Process Automation and Integration solutions. These features improvise user experience, reduce repetitive manual steps to complete the process and are very efficient. Join this session to understand how Circular Edge partnered with Quest Medical to implement several BPA and integration use cases in the finance and supply chain area, which led to enhanced productivity and functionality in JDE.

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 3/08/23

Presented at JDE Week; Game Changers 23
With the latest features of Orchestrator Studio, Oracle has created powerful tools to automate business processes and integrate them with ancillary systems. One of the key requests that comes from businesses is to provide a data capture solution that is faster and connected to JD Edwards. During this session, we will demonstrate how Syntax has partnered with Hydranautics to transform their data capturing solution by leveraging JDE tools that including IoT and Orchestrator.

In this session, we will discuss:
· A brief overview of the Data Capturing Transformation project
· The Technical Solution adopted at Hydranautics.
· The Project Timeline and its progress.

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 3/07/23
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Configurable Network Computing (CNC) administrators play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne systems. In this article, we will explore the JD Edwards tools that CNC administrators use daily to streamline their processes, troubleshoot issues, upgrade systems, communicate with vendors, and stay connected with the corporation. 

The JD Edwards Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D takes place May 8-11 in Dallas, TX. In this blog series, we interview key JD Edwards speakers to get a taste of the content they’ll be sharing and hear what they’re most excited about.

We chatted this week with Chantelle Cory, JD Edwards Administrator at LSB Industries to get her thoughts on the JD Edwards Forum agenda:

In today's business world, the role of the finance department is evolving rapidly. The traditional role of finance as a support function for the business has expanded to encompass much more. IT needs to be a partner for growing revenue, profitability and market share. This is where JD Edwards EnterpriseOne comes in - a complete, integrated suite of business software that helps organizations keep pace with today's rapidly changing business environment.

Eliminate manual processes and human error by taking advantage of process automation with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Use the building blocks of JD Edwards Enterprise One technologies to secure the best gateway to your business transformation.