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What do a motorcycle retailer, mushroom innovator, and port operator have in common? They are all JD Edwards customers who have incorporated Orchestrations into their daily processes and shared their stories at BLUEPRINT 4D.

The Port of Portland used Orchestrator to improve employee access to online W2s with JD Edwards so that their employees could not only access the current year's W2, but the previous years as well.

When Monterey Mushrooms’ Senior Business Analyst, Lisa Tran, decided to start learning Orchestrations, she wanted to keep things simple, but by implementing several basic orchestrations, she was able to make a huge impact on daily functions for her organization.

The operations team at Comoto Holdings decided to incorporate robots into their warehousing system, but they ran into some Orchestrator errors. Read how they solved them.

Throughout its lifetime, Orchestrator has proven to be a powerful and versatile tool. In fact, it’s evolved into a Swiss Army Knife which can be used as an integration middleware platform, standalone RPA system, web services tool, frontend to mobile applications, and the list goes on. At Quest’s conference, BLUEPRINT 4D, in May 2023, Oracle’s AJ Schifano, Nicole Laurent, and Aaron Johnson shared orchestrator’s integration competencies.

In today's fast-paced business world, companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their operations and stay ahead of the competition. One way to do this is by leveraging the power of JD Edwards Enterprise One and its innovative Orchestrator solution. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 quick win Orchestrations that are used by in-the-know JD Edwards customers to improve their operations and streamline their processes.

Denovo’s experts are here to demonstrate how Orchestrator can greatly simplify your everyday tasks in EnterpriseOne. This particular session will show you how to easily streamline what would normally be a 13-action task into a single-click button using Form Extensions and an Orchestration.

Carin Wagner, Senior Practice Director of PMO/Quality &
Donna Volden, JDE Developer

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021 

By now you've heard of the JDE Digital Platform: Orchestrator, form requests, data requests, notifications, scheduler, form extensions, E1 pages, external forms, …, the list goes on (and keeps growing). But it's hard to visualize a tapestry by looking at a single colored thread. In this session we'll do some weaving. We'll employ several elements of the JDE Digital Platform to show how they work together to make a whole solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. The future of Digital Transformation is...looming. 

Presented by AJ Schifano, Oracle 

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

As the capabilities of Orchestrator continue to expand, so too do the clever ways in which customers use Orchestrator to meet real-world business requirements. This panel of customers has some bragging to do. No doubt you will leave this session with a few new ideas of your own.

Presented by AJ Schifano, Oracle 

Learn why Ajinomoto Foods North America, a leading manufacturer in the frozen foods industry, chose to use the JD Edwards Orchestrator and an integration platform to automate their business processes. They needed a scalable, agile solution - one that integrates different systems as one and can be monitored.

Attendees will be able to apply knowledge learned to their own business processes. They will see clear results, and learn the logic behind them through an outline of the project and the reasoning behind Ajinomoto's approach.

Join the webinar to learn how to:

● Outline the business challenges and project short-term and long-term goals.

● Gain insights on how to increase sales efficiency, data and product quality and tie sales promotions to future revenues.

● Understand why systems and data connectivity are essential to business process automation and which ones were most relevant in addressing Ajinomoto’s business goals.

Presented by Mark Gallrein, Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc. & Izhar Fuentes, Magic Software