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Presented by Doug Palaske, Ben Tyrell, Doug Palaske, Suman Prasad

JDE AP Invoice Automation eliminates traditional paper-based processes/invoice backlogs. It provides tremendous business value with fast streamlined automated processing, resolutions, and approvals delivering… employee satisfaction, eliminating errors & overpayments, improved on-time payments (with incentives), and other cost savings.

The Two Main AP App Components:
Robust JDE Integration: Review our editable Best Practices Workflow Diagram, HERE. (https://marketing.krisesystems.com/AP_Automation_Workflow_3.pdf)
Amazon Textract OCR AI: Advanced OCR-as-a-Service (no setup) Scan Engine. Introduced in 2018 with a powerful API (Expense Analyzer) that natively works against all your AP Supplier formats.

Diverse Supplier AP Invoice formats?
No worries, with Amazon Cloud Textract OCR AI / Machine Learning:
No Mapping, Position Based Templating, Config Setup - - OCR AI Does all the Work.
Higher Accuracy than Traditional OCR
Security: Encryption, Privacy Controls, Compliance Standards like HIPAA

AP Invoice Automation App Functionality:
Files Supported: PDF’s, JPEG’s, Tiff, Handwritten – Even Phone Camera
Superior Workflow “Engine” for JDE Integration, Exceptions, Approvals
Full Automate 3-Way (Receipt), 2-Way (PO) & Vouchers
Optional Vendor Portal for Submit, “Flip” PO, Track, Payments
No/Low-Code AWS Deployed/Integrated: Keep JDE Vanilla, Quick Install
Mobile/Browser: Easily Access, Import, Review & Work… from Anywhere.
E1 Integration: Orchestrations, Business Functions or Hybrid
Robust Tolerances (Dollar, Date, Qty.) Logic, Freight, Tax, Media Object, Misc. Charges Functionality

Combining AWS Textract with the best JDE Low/No Code platform, EASYProcess is a perfect combination for providing E1 clients with the best and most innovative JDE Automated Invoice Processing solution, bar none.

K-Rise Systems is a certified Oracle Partner, and our solutions are Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) Certified (32 & 64). Our acclaimed cloud-based Low/No-code Platform, EASYProcess, is modern, state-of-the-art, and exactly what JDE/Oracle promotes to keep your JDE instance vanilla. Our security controls are CPA-certified with SOC 2 Type 2 credentials.

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Logic Extensions is a powerful, on the glass, graphical development tool using the familiar syntax of the EnterpriseOne event rules. There’s no need for programming knowledge. It doesn’t require building and deploying a package. It runs on the same server, using the same Logic engine as the application event rules. With Release 22 and 23, there are six new logic extensions features that redefine development.

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne digital platform provides an extensive framework for adapting your software to a continuously changing world. Several features, such as personal forms, form extensions, grid formats, and composed pages enable you to adapt the user experience without the cost and complexity of traditional customizations.