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Jul 15 @  1:00pm

As Oracle rolls out new innovation as part of our Continuous Service Delivery, more customers are switching to Newsfeed UX to take advantage of new functionality in the mobile responsive user experience.  We recognize that customers and partners will have questions.  These recurring Office Hours sessions will provide the opportunity to get answers to those…

Falon Fatemi, CEO and founder of Node, the first AI as a Service platform, wrote an article in Forbes about how to increase employee engagement with the help of artificial intelligence.

Jul 12 @  11:00am

Join this session for an update on Oracle HCM Cloud 19C. Presented by Oracle Cloud Customer Connect. Topics 1.       Unified Sandboxes: Capabilities, and Keys for Success with USB 2.       Areas of Responsibility Redesigned: Feature Highlights, and Key Customer Use Case 3.       Mobile Responsive Performance Flows: Worked Example 4.       Q&A Post your questions in this forum post before the session to have them answered…

In the video series "Cloud Talks with Geoffrey Moore," Steve Miranda, Oracle Executive Vice President of Applications Development, spoke with Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm. The pair discussed several important topics during their Cloud talks.

Oracle Talent Management Cloud manages core talent management processes that keep your talent engaged and help them be more strategic and productive in their work. The Talent Review and Succession Planning module within Talent Management Cloud can help you review talent and identify potential risk and impact of loss, identify the right person for the right job, manage talent pools and succession plans, and more.

More and more organizations are moving their on-premises enterprise applications to Cloud solutions because they want to change the cost structure of their applications portfolios and reduce their risk for technological obsolescence while delivering growth, innovation, operational agility, and efficiency. There is more Cloud momentum today than ever before. In fact, 76 percent of finance leaders surveyed in Oracle's 2018 ERP Trends Report said they intend to run ERP in the Cloud within the next two years. Due to this growing momentum, Oracle released a five-step guide that can help users learn "how to Cloud" and complete a successful Oracle ERP Cloud project. It provides a high-level sequential summary of recommended steps based on actual Cloud projects and advice from leading partners for successfully executing the journey to Cloud. This document is not intended to be a substitute for engagement with Oracle or one of its partners. It is simply a starting guide. Oracle recommends implementing solutions with input from experienced project and technical professionals. 

No industry is immune from the current pace of technological change. While this acceleration presents radical opportunities for growth, analytics, and connectivity, it also brings real and pressing challenges to the adaptability of business organizations. At COLLABORATE 19, Chinam Kry, VP of Cloud Business Group at Oracle, shared with the Quest community how aligning HR and Finance through Cloud-based applications creates an agile, adaptable business response to navigate both the current business landscape and future innovation.

Barb Darrow, Senior Director of Communications at Oracle, wrote about today’s “unprecedented challenge” of cybersecurity. Technological and legal complexities are continuing to grow in this age of heightened cybersecurity threats—including a rise in state-sponsored hacking. This “unprecedented challenge” was a topic of conversation between Dorian Daley, Oracle Executive Vice President and General Counsel, and Edward Screven, Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect during Oracle’s recent Media Days.

In the video series "Cloud Talks with Charlene Li," Steve Miranda, Oracle Executive Vice President of Applications Development, spoke with Charlene Li, founder of the Altimeter Group. The pair discussed several important topics during their Cloud talks. Altimeter Group helps leaders thrive by providing research and advisory on how to leverage disruptive technologies.

Oracle’s own Arvind Rajan spoke at COLLABORATE 19 about how to lift and shift your PeopleSoft solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and begin leverage the OCI File Storage Service (FSS). The session gave an overview of OCI FSS and walked through a customer case study of how it can be leveraged within an organization.