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Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Don’t Just Survive; Thrive! Navigating the Post-Pandemic Reality
Session ID: 101230

Whether COVID-19 impacts subside from here or persist, 2020 served as a dramatic inflection point. Never before has the entire planet reconfigured its behavior simultaneously, participating in lockdowns, quarantines, and enforced social distancing. For businesses and governments, the implications have been extreme, with assumptions and plans radically altered. From Asia to the Americas, the status quo evaporated both within and across industries. The future is murkier than ever—yet presents both new opportunities and new risks.

Explore how impacts are driving fundamental shifts in organizations from industry and business domain functions to emerging technology.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Doing More With Less – Leveraging AI and Design Studio
Session ID: 104940

Oracle Digital Assistant is an AI service that offers prebuilt skills and templates to create conversational experiences for your business applications and customers through text, chat, and voice interfaces. Users can utilize natural language processing to interpret requests and perform business tasks specific to your organization. Attendees will gain insight into key use cases for AI, including utilizing Oracle's Best Candidate capability to rank candidate automatically based on multiple criteria and Autocomplete enablement to intelligently default values and validate data entered in real time. Elire's experts will leave you with an overview of Oracle's provided personalization capability like ODA, Best Candidates, and Design Studio Autocomplete to get the most out of your Talent Management and Recruiting Implementation.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: AI/ML and What They Can Do For Supply Chain Management
Session ID: 106960

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are here to stay and they can help you supply chain. We will go over AI and ML, how they work, what tools you can leverage RIGHT NOW to help with supply chain management.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022

Title: Achieve agility and resiliency with a Smart Manufacturing platform

Session ID: 108410

The accelerated pace of innovation and other external forces such as geopolitical and socio-economical factors push manufacturers to transform their operations and continue to be relevant. While many Industry 4.0 digital technologies and solutions are available today, manufacturers need to adopt a modern platform to digitize, scale, and realize a digitally connected enterprise. This presentation will highlight the importance of a platform approach and the next-generation tools and technologies offered by Oracle’s Smart Manufacturing solution to lay the foundation to completely transform supply chains, achieve agility and resiliency to outpace the competition.

Nov 12 @  12:00pm

Part of the Oracle Cloud HCM Coaches Corner Webinar Series Whether you are just beginning your journey in AI for HCM or are very experienced with our AI for HCM features, our AI Innovators for HCM Program provides you a unique opportunity to collaborate with Oracle Product Managers, Data Scientists and Developers. Are you simply…

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101930

Join Pratap Madgula, Director of Innovation and Implementation at Kaiser Permanente, to hear about emerging technologies like RPA, chatbots, machine learning, AI, and Oracle Analytics Cloud Services and how Kaiser Permanente utilizes them.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100690

Have you ever want to simply ask your Oracle Application to complete your task or get information through a conversational user interface?  You can now simply Ask Oracle Applications to complete your ask across ERP, HCM, and CX.  In this session, we will explore the Digital Assistants and Skills (ChatBots) that have been embedded and delivered with Oracle Applications - HCM Cloud, ERP Cloud, CX Sales and Service, EPM Cloud, and many more.  We will discuss how these pre-build ChatBots can greatly accelerate user adoption of your Oracle Application implementations, and help your users to become even more productive.  We will also discuss how you can easily customize and extend these pre-build skills to suit your particular requirements.  Lastly, we will discuss roadmaps and upcoming innovations for Oracle Digital Assistant for Oracle Applications.

Jul 26 @  12:00pm

Part of Oracle Cloud HCM: Coaches Corner AI is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the HR business platform. Join this session to understand the state of artificial (AI) in HR and learn more about Oracle’s Innovations as well as key investment areas and vision going forward. You will hear how organizations can adopt recent…

During Quest Forum Digital Event: JD Edwards Week, Ilan Zachar, CTO and Senior Vice President of Carr Properties, shared how Carr embraces innovation and made a move to integrate an AI Lease Abstraction system that had no integration with JD Edwards, but through understanding automation and JDE’s Orchestrator, was able to package a perfect solution. 

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) - Cloud Day

Chatbots are increasingly becoming more common in Enterprise and Institutions. Most started with simple use cases such as a simple FAQ bot, but in many cases are rapidly hitting the limits of simple Chatbots can do. In this session, we will discuss various enterprise and institutional use cases for Chatbots. We will explore pre-built integration and templates that conversational-enable your Oracle Application deployments. We will also cover the latest innovations in conversational AI technologies – AI-powered Voice engine that you can train, true native multi-lingual support, and Digital Assistants combined with Process Automation to fully realize the promise of what conversational AI can offer.