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Presented at RECONNECT 20

Everyone has back button experiences and opinions. Joy when it works. Confusion when it takes you somewhere unexpected. Frustration when absent. The University of Minnesota upgraded to PeopleTools 8.56 and fluid user interface in the spring 2019. This was proceeded by a lengthy technical and functional project including fluid tiles, fluid navigation collections, Unified Navigation, and much time understanding and modifying back button behavior. This research and effort produced reliable and predictable back button behavior.

Kick the back button blues (not the St. Louis Blues) and always get back to where you once belonged.

Functional appreciation how the back button works.

Discuss the back button. How it should function, that is, Oracle's intentions vs. our assumptions.

Technical review exposing the back button mysteries.

Special attention to debugging the back button using browser debugging tools. This is available to everyone, not just for developers.

Review "bugs" identified by the University of Minnesota. Discuss back button related modifications. Our modifications were eventually converted to Event Mapping.

Presented by

Jeremy Irrthum, University of Minnesota

Presented at RECONNECT 20

To remain ADA compliant, employers must provide reasonable accommodations for employees with a disability, and sometimes purchase expense software to keep track of these requests. But did you know that PeopleSoft has delivered functionality to do this? The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill had been tracking this data manually in spreadsheets with no visibility and no reporting. The University implemented Disability Accommodation Tracking module with almost all delivered functionality. Come and learn from our case study in implementing this module.

Understand Core Functionality for Disability Accommodation Tracking including how it interacts with other modules

Discuss limitations and what customizations can add value

How to convert legacy data and build solid reporting

Presented by

Alex Smith, North Carolina State University

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the leading platform to run PeopleSoft Applications. Come to this session to hear about the great features of OCI and how it can help your organization.

Presented by

Vishram Patwardhan, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at RECONNECT 20 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is allowing PeopleSoft customers to improve operational efficiency and realize labor savings. RPA has applicability across HCM, FSCM, CRM, and CS applications. A few use cases where RPA has proven particularly beneficial are: 

- Accounts Payable Processing 

- Expenses and PCard Reconciliation 

- Catalog Pricing and Item Master Maintenance  

- Asset Management Maintenance 

- Employee On-boarding 

- Supplier Information Management 

During this session, we will explore how RPA helps modernize PeopleSoft by increasing efficiency, and productivity. There will be a live RPA demonstration, open discussion on how RPA solves business challenges, and best practices to build the business case for RPA in your environment. 

Join Astute Business Solutions to learn about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the organizational benefits of the implementation of RPA into your PeopleSoft environment. 

Get all your burning questions about RPA answered during this live demo and Q&A session. 

Presented by 

Joe Finlinson, Astute Business Solutions 

Presented at RECONNECT 20 

In this session, we will look at the various features of OMC which support administration of the PeopleSoft environment. 

Presented by 

Doug Strickland, Oracle America, Inc 

We wanted to make sure you were in the loop on a few upcoming Quest members-only opportunities in November. You’re invited to the annual Quest Meeting of the Members – Tuesday, November 10 at 4pm ET. Join us to celebrate 25 years of learning, connecting and sharing with Quest as we confirm the Board of…

Presented at RECONNECT 20

AI/ML for some is a solution looking for a problem. We will examine near term and roadmap use cases for PeopleSoft Applications and highlight the new Data Distribution Framework that PeopleSoft provides to integrate with AI/ML systems We will also look at how industry experts and thought leaders see this technology being adopted.

Presented by

Greg Kelly, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at RECONNECT 20

In April 2020, during the initial weeks of mandatory shelter-in-place restrictions, the City & County of San Francisco upgraded PeopleTools (from 8.54 to 8.57), HCM (from Image 13 to 32), and ELM (from Image 13 to 19) systems. Come find out how this successful projects was executed during a pandemic with all resources working remotely, including San Francisco staff and their implementation partners.

Share thought process in moving forward with upgrade during initial weeks of shelter-in-place.

Discuss challenges of doing upgrade remotely.

Identify positive outcomes and benefits for future upgrades.

Presented by

Jack Wood, City & County of San Francisco, CA

Doris Wong Smart ERP Solutions

Dennis McCormick City & County of San Francisco, CA

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Developing pages with Fluid, PeopleSoft's latest user interface, may seem intimidating. In this session you will learn key differences between Classic and Fluid in order to become productive and effective in Fluid. In this session you will learn the fastest way to convert a Classic page to Fluid as well as how to effectively handle layout issues.

Learn to convert classic components to Fluid

Learn Fluid layout techniques.

Experience advanced Fluid opportunities

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Presented at RECONNECT 20

Manage and Evolve your PeopleSoft Application Portfolio.

This presentation will highlight best practices for PeopleSoft Application Support, Hosting on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, On-Going Training and Testing-as-a-Service. Your presenters will discuss how we successfully utilize a world-class issue management platform, robust metrics tracking, monthly data analytics, and communication strategies. Attendees will understand why SpearMC chose Jira Service Desk for PeopleSoft Application Support and how to build a balanced internal support organization.

Our case study details steps that a large Healthcare System took towards stability and optimization with PeopleSoft Managed Services and Application Support using Jira Service Desk. This large HCM and FSCM customer was able to significantly lower on-going support costs, streamline business processes, improve end-user satisfaction and upgrade their PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM platform.

Learn to realize the benefits of PeopleSoft Managed Services. SpearMC is a managed services specialist within the PeopleSoft ecosystem. We combine consultative services with 24x7 ongoing management and support, using a rigorous support model.

Hear from our customer: “Working through support tickets used to be a major bottleneck in getting our roadmap executed. Since partnering with SpearMC, we have a track record of meeting business needs and discovering PeopleSoft's Art-of-the-Possible"

Understand our approach to build a service platform that is geared for organizations lacking expertise to support their PeopleSoft platform or looking to refocus IT resources on innovation vs. testing, hosting, maintenance and support.

Presented by

Cameron McClurg, SpearMC

Gary Dranikoski SpearMC