April 20 - April 23, 2020

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Database and Technology at COLLABORATE 20

COLLABORATE 20 provides Database & Technology users with strategic insights, roadmap direction, case studies and hands-on practical learning from Oracle leaders and industry innovators.

Select from more than 180+ sessions including hot topics like: Autonomous Database, Database Sharding, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Platform as a Service, Database 19C, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and more.

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Must-attend sessions for Database & Technology users

Oracle’s Strategy for Transforming its Business from End to End with Oracle Cloud

Presented by:
Douglas Kehring, Oracle

In this keynote, Douglas Kehring, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations at Oracle, will share the story of how the company leveraged the Oracle Cloud to reimagine its business and build delightful customer and employee experiences from end to end.

Douglas Kehring is executive vice president of Corporate Operations at Oracle, responsible for driving Oracle’s business transformation to the Cloud and ensuring that the business processes are highly efficient and intuitive, that Oracle is the #1 reference on its cloud technologies, and that customers and employees have a superior experience. Douglas also leads the Customer Advocacy Group focused on building passionate advocates within Oracle’s customer base, and the Oracle University team to ensure customers, partners and employees can easily adopt and realize value from our technologies. Finally, Douglas oversees the Corporate Development group, where the company has completed over 140 acquisitions in the last 15 years valued at more than $85 billion.

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Autonomous Data Management

Presented by:
Willie Hardie, Oracle

Oracle is proven to be the database of choice for managing enterprise-scale operational and analytical workloads on-premises, and in the cloud with truly unique and innovate autonomous database services. In this session, we’ll examine some of the latest Autonomous Database developments that simplify today’s data management challenges.

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What’s New in Oracle Database 20c

Presented by:
Willie Hardie, Oracle

Learn what’s new from Oracle Database development, including a look at the latest features in Oracle Database 20c and what’s coming next.

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How to Figure Out Why Your Query Is Taking Foreeeevvvvveeeerrrrr…IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS!

Presented by:
Kaley Crum, ABC Financial Services

Anyone who’s familiar with tuning SQL knows that you need to get the execution plan for a query. But once you’ve got an execution plan, what do you do with it? Everyone understands that an execution plan is important for diagnosing, but almost no one knows how to answer questions like “which step in the execution plan is taking the longest?” “Which hardware component (CPU, Memory, Disk) is causing my query’s bottleneck?” “Is my parallel query making good use of its resources, or are they being wasted?” If you have the Oracle Tuning and Diagnostic Pack license for your database and 30 seconds, you can find the answer to these questions–and more!

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A use case for machine learning: Creating a recommendation system at SLCC

Presented by:
Michelle Hardwick, Salt Lake Community College

At Salt Lake Community College, we used case studies from e-commerce to build a similar recommendation system that recommends to students their ideal class schedule for the next semester, to ease the process of registering. This recommender tool took into account the student’s preferences for campus location, time of day, and faculty member in choosing the perfect courses for them. We’ll talk about how we built this, tested it, our initial results and how we are working to improve this.

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10 things every DBA needs to do that has nothing to do with Databases

Presented by:
Gary Gordhamer, INNIO

Many DBA’s want to be better DBA’s, and many non­DBA’s want to become DBA’s. Often the primary training for this is in technical topics, memorizing tons of details, or being able to be the first to solve a technical issue. Yet some of the best DBA’s I’ve known over the past 25 years start with “I don’t know”. So what 10 things do you need to to do to be a great DBA that has nothing to do with databases? How you interact with others in writing, reading, communication, talking, presenting, being able to repeat things, and more.

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Database and Technology Hot Topics

DevOps and Deploy

Working on database and/or application development means learning multiple languages and performing a balancing act between Web-based, wireless and client/server applications. What will give you the edge to create successful applications? Do you use the Oracle suite of tools, or do you need to look for something that you can integrate? And how will your applications be used? With wireless technology? Through a portal? Will your forms and reports be used on an intranet or on the internet? This track covers the topics that surround the development and deployment of your applications.


The relational database continues to evolve to include more new features, and as a result, has become even more complicated. On top of all the daily challenges of maintaining a high performance database, now you have to be sure the data are available 24/7 and compatible with other systems. This track is designed to provide DBAs of every experience level and industry with the tools to productively and creatively administer your data.

Data Science & Analytics

Learn how organizations are using Data Science & Analytics to transform their operations and sustain their competitive advantage, addressing the challenges of managing rapid growth for data storage and availability, and how analytics are enabling organizations to function more efficiently. You’ll hear how other users are proactively using customer data to create opportunities, what how to make better, Big Data-driven decisions.

Networking and Special Programs for Database & Technology users

Maximize your time at conference by attending networking and special events specific to your Oracle product interest.

Networking & Events

Connect, discuss, share and build your network of knowledge resources by attending a Quest exclusive networking or special event. It’s your opportunity to meet with Oracle users who share similar interest and maximize your time at the conference. Choose from a range of networking opportunities and special events like Welcome Parties, Workshops, Speed Networking, Executive Forums and more! – Exclusive to Quest attendees!

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Hands-on Labs & Oracle University Zip Labs

Build familiarity with an Oracle product and get hands on practical experience and training with one of the Quest Exclusive Hands on Labs.

Oracle University Zip Labs – new this year!
Each lab is 10-20 minutes long, where a step-by-step instruction show you how to accomplish a specific task within the Oracle Cloud.

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Oracle Test Fest

Get Oracle certified at COLLABORATE 20 – for FREE! Choose from Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Database Administrator 2019, Java SE 11 Developer 2019 or any other exam from the full portfolio.

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