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UiPath New Year RPA 2022 Challenge Workshop


Please join the UiPath Community Team as we kickstart the New Year with this exciting competition!!!

Taking RPA courses and joining the UiPath Community Forum are great ways to learn more about UiPath technologies and get involved in a supportive community that can help answer your questions and share their experiences.

Requirements to Attend the RPA Challenge:

Here at UiPath, we hope that you are embracing the beginning of this exciting New Year. We are so excited about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that we would like you to participate in a challenge with us to Boost Your Skills:

1.Complete the RPA starter course, Step into RPA (uipath.com). You must start and finish this between December 20th and January 17th.

2. Download your certification of completion on your computer

3. Register for the UiPath Community Forum at https://forum.uipath.com . You will need your Forum address when you register for the workshop

4. Attend the scheduled workshop, “UiPath New Year RPA 2022 Challenge Workshop,” where you will have a chance to win one of several prizes as you listen to one of our UiPath community experts, who will provide you with an overview of RPA.