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Benefits of Leveraging the PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk Integration within HCM


The PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk allows employees to get answers to HR-related questions, look up solutions to known issues, and create and track their HR cases using desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. This PeopleSoft CRM application is set up and operated from CRM but extracts and displays data that is stored in PeopleSoft HCM. It provides a complete view of a person’s HCM data.

The HR Helpdesk is built entirely with HR processes and security with delivered integrations to your PeopleSoft HCM application. This integration enables efficient handling of issues—helping employees to explore solutions and create cases directly from HR self-service modules. It supports the entire request-to-resolve business process.

Helpdesks have become increasingly common in IT organizations and retail business environments to manage customer relations. Now, HR departments can leverage the same technology to handle high call volume and address a wide range of HR issues.

As part of the PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk setup, you must:

  • Set up HCM security, giving Helpdesk agents access to the data of the people they will be serving.
  • Set up the direct report structure for the managers in your organization.

Example of Using HR Helpdesk

The video below showed a demonstration of how an employee might handle an issue when viewing a pay slip for the first time.

The employee will log in to the Employee Self Service homepage and click the Pay Slips tile. Let’s say that when the employee opens that tile, they don’t see any pay slips on file displayed on the screen. The right-hand side of the screen shows the related information panel that contains the Find Help tile and My Cases tiles.

In this example, the Find Help tile shows four recommended solutions for issues related to pay slips. When the employee hits the “Maximize” button on the Find Help tile, they can see results for recommended solutions, known issues, and FAQs. The employee can click on one of the solutions to see more details about it. The solution details will show the question that was asked, the response with the solution, and the number of people who said that they found this solution to be helpful. Employees are also given the choice to answer whether or not they found the solution helpful.

Within the Find Help tile, there is also a link for employees to create a new case if they did not find the answer that they were looking for. The system will launch a guided step-by-step process. The category, type, and detail of the case will automatically be populated based on the page from which you created the case—in this case, pay slips. This helps route the case to the right agent. Click the “Next” button to continue.

The next step is to enter the details of the case. The employee will need to provide a summary and detailed description of the issue. This is also the step where the employee will set the priority level for the issue. Attachments can be added to the case if the employee wants to provide files for additional information. Click “Next” to continue.”

The final step is to review and submit the case. The system will summarize all of the information that was collected. The employee should review all of the details that were entered before submitting the case. You are able to go back to any of the previous steps if you wish to make changes. Click “Submit” to create the case once you are finished reviewing the information.

Once you submit, the system will generate a case number and assign the case to an agent. If the employee wants to review their cases, they can select one of the buttons below the submission message to go back to the HR Service Center or My Cases tile.

Back on the Pay Slips page, the employee can maximize the My Cases tile to view all of his or her open cases. The default view will show all cases related to pay slips. Select the view field to select a different filter. To view the details of a case, simply click on one of the cases in the maximized screen.

Within the case details, there is a notes and solutions tab that shows all of the solutions for the issue that you have previously looked into or tried before creating your own case. This reduces turnaround time by helping the agent resolve cases faster.

Benefits of PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk

HR Helpdesk offers two delivered related content services:

  1. Find Help
  2. My Cases

Customers can use these two delivered related content services in any of their HCM Fluid components. The integration between PeopleSoft Fluid HR Helpdesk and PeopleSoft HCM enables employees to handle issues efficiently, minimizes the time to engage with HR for solving issues or create a case for assistance, and increases employee satisfaction.

Other benefits of integrating the PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk within your HCM application include:

  • Data entry reduction
  • Data accuracy improvement
  • The ability to leverage existing system investments
  • Cost reduction associated with labor-intensive research and responses to common employee issues
  • HR staff can focus on strategic business activities instead of administrative tasks
  • Direct access and edit capability to HR data and HR software applications in real time
  • A library of FAQ-like cases that are based on your unique business requirements
  • Agent’s talents are matched with workforce issues to deliver the right answer in real time, which means less downtime

For more information about PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk, check out the video below for a demonstration or go to www.peoplesoftinfo.com.

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Benefits of Leveraging the PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk Integration within HCM