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How PeopleSoft ERP Drives Business Expansion with Visibility and Efficiency

Quest Forum Digital Event

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week, Amira Morcos, Senior Director of Oracle Product Strategy, presented the PeopleSoft ERP Roadmap and Update. This presentation dove into how PeopleSoft ERP can drive business expansion with visibility and efficiency.

PeopleSoft ERP Roadmap and Update

The PeopleSoft team is focused on ongoing customer-centric investments including:

  • Simplification and modernization
  • Analytics
  • Cloud and emerging technologies
  • Frameworks to eliminate customizations
  • Product-specific features
  • Business process capabilities
  • 175+ features sourced from the Idea Spaces on My Oracle Support

From an ERP perspective, the strategy is three-fold:

  • Intelligence expands visibility
  • Simplicity enables collaboration
  • Automation leads to efficiency

PeopleSoft ERP Chatbots

Creating conversational interfaces is an essential part of Oracle’s innovation plan. Currently, the roadmap for chatbots includes:

  • Requisition Inquiry
  • Expenses
  • Requisition Order
  • Financials Snapshot
  • Supplier Self Service
  • Customer Self Service
  • ESA Focused Inquiries
  • Maintenance Service Request

Additionally, product leaders are focused on optimization of asset utilization. This involves integration with Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service. Asset data, asset IoT location updates, and condition-based maintenance (CBM) alerts can move between Oracle IoT and Oracle PeopleSoft.


Furthermore, PeopleSoft eSettlements helps users reduce annoying vendor calls and operational costs, expand supplier collaboration, and improve the balance sheet. Kaiser Permanente, a PeopleSoft customer, already eliminated 250,000 supplier calls with eSettlements.

eBill Payment

With the addition of One-Click Pay in eBill Payment, you can now automate the customer invoice process, deepen the customer relationship, and expedite cash flow. This is a 75 percent reduction in manual processes.


In eProcurement, you can now access a configurable UI with multi-select facets, new “sort by” options, and configurable search fields.

More roadmap items for eProcurement and supply chain include:

  • Order Sheets for Fluid Requisitions
  • Enhancements to Fluid “My Requisitions”
  • Requester Mass Update
  • Inventory and Mobile Inventory Cycle Count Changes
  • Configurable Strategic Sourcing Activity Guide to Create Event Document Packages


Another UI-centric application is PeopleSoft Expenses. Updates in this area include:

  • Enhanced Credit Card Load for Multiple CC’s
  • Enhanced Fluid Approvals
  • Enhanced Risk Visibility During Approval Process
  • View Attendees, Per Diems, and Drill Back to Expense Report
  • Data Privacy Framework – Identify Fields for Data Privacy
  • Pivot Grid Thresholds
  • Change Expense Type on Expense Report for “My Wallet” Transactions
  • Audit Report of Expense Type Changes
  • Drop Zones on Key Expenses Transactions
  • GPS Mileage Calculation Integration
  • Delegation Framework
  • Fluid Time Entry

The Expenses roadmap embraces the following goals:

  • Leveraging Privilege Templates on T&E Document Approvals
  • Copy Functionality
  • Email Creation of Expense Row in Wallet
  • Chatbot for Expense Report Inquiries and Updates
  • View Enhanced Credit Card Details

Accounting Efficiency

In regard to accounting efficiency, users can look forward to improved Global Search and a fluid simple journal.


Knowing the power of analytics, PeopleSoft is investing in various tools for:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Charting and visualizations
  • Inline analytics
  • End-user defined
  • Threshold notifications
  • Easy access on dashboards
  • Related actions

Business Flows

Recent enhancements on projects, contracts, and grants include:

  • Project Costing Data Compression
  • Updating Invalid Bill Plans En Masse
  • Contract Activation En Masse
  • Extended Project Team End Dates


PeopleSoft is also invested in extending transparency and financial controls, eliminating stale data, and effectively managing user access. Currently, steps are in place to:

  • Administer End-user Run Controls
  • Delete Multiple Run Controls at Once
  • Enable One’s Own Run Controls Management

How PeopleSoft ERP Drives Business Expansion with Visibility and Efficiency