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Five days of focused panel discussions and customer success stories built around key priority areas for the PeopleSoft Community.​    Day 1: PeopleTools Upgrades – Monday's program is designed for customers who have recently upgraded to PeopleTools 8.59 or are making plans for 8.60 -- innovations, best practices and lessons learned ​    Day 2: Lifecycle…

RECONNECT 22 is where PeopleSoft users of all levels and from around the world can dig into new releases, dive deep into practical learning, get new ideas from best practices, see what others are doing with their PeopleSoft systems and hone their core PeopleSoft skills. View sessions

Presented at RECONNECT 22
Session ID: 101450

Join us to learn how leveraging recently delivered features can improve the creation and modification of supplier information. You will see some of the recently released Supplier Management features that provide your Suppliers with easy access to update their information using self-service tools. You will see how you can maintain your Supplier Roster and clean up any partial or obsolete registrations and change requests. More importantly, you will learn about the upcoming features planned for self-service and internal maintenance of supplier data.

Presented at RECONNECT 22
Session ID: 101370

Join us on a treasure hunt as we unearth Strategic Sourcing features and functionality that have been around for years but may not be in use in your organization. Attend this session to also learn how PICASO can direct Bidders/Suppliers to Bid Opportunities through a chatbot and the usability improvements made to collect responses.

Presented at RECONNECT 22
Session ID: 101360

The PeopleSoft eProcurement product is now fully Fluid with the ability to create requisitions, edit requisitions, approve requisitions, create change requests, create casual receipts and casual returns. Attend this session to see a demo of the latest functionality and hear about the detailed plans for upcoming features and next-generation usability with this exciting product.

Presented at RECONNECT 22
Session ID: 101290

Custom and user-defined fields are a powerful option to add organization-specific information to the eProcurement Requisition. Used in concert with delivered Drop Zones, you have the flexibility to configure the Requisition with data you need without customizing. This session will provide a simplified example of how to enable your custom fields in the fluid eProcurement Create Requisitions.

Presented at RECONNECT 22
Session ID: 101350

Attend this A-Z setup session where you will learn how to create Express Forms, register them with the Supplemental Data framework, turn them on for PeopleSoft Fluid eProcurement and begin using them for easier ordering – all without having to know or use PeopleCode!

The results are in. Quest recently surveyed its PeopleSoft community to identify which key projects companies are prioritizing for the next 12-18 months. We were interested to understand who was focused on PeopleTool upgrades, how important Kibana analytics are to customers, who was deploying delivered features for HCM and FSCM, how much focus is on PUM maintenance and other big topics. The responses to these questions and more, will be used to build out Quest’s 2023 programming for the PeopleSoft community.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Simplifying the Bidder and Supplier User Experience in PeopleSoft
Session ID: 107690

Attend this session to learn how PeopleSoft’s Comprehensive Supplier Portal simplifies the Bidder/Supplier user experience. You will see first hand how PeopleSoft’s Digital Assistant (PICASO) can answer Bidder/Supplier commonly asked questions, direct bidders/suppliers to bid opportunities, and much more. You will also see the new response pages to bid opportunities that were specifically designed for novice users.

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 8/11/22

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: PeopleSoft Investment Strategy Update
Session ID: 107600

Join Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President at Oracle, as he announces the latest investments in PeopleSoft. See demonstrations of the most important features recently delivered and coming soon across the HCM and ERP applications. Learn what’s in the new PeopleTools 8.60 release and how you can capitalize on platform-wide enhancements to drive more value with your PeopleSoft applications. And find out how customers are running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to cut operating costs and provide intelligent, autonomous management of their PeopleSoft environments. There’s a lot happening with PeopleSoft in 2022 – don’t miss this update on the investment strategy and overall product line.