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JD Edwards Mobility: Take Action Anytime Anywhere


With the technology tools that are available from Oracle and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, you can quickly provide information to individuals in your organization. For example, you can send information to your Procurement Manager, and if she is away from her desk but has a few minutes to spare, she can access the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Purchase Order Approval mobile application from her smartphone or tablet.


A recent JD Edwards video showed how Oracle Digital Assistant can be integrated with EnterpriseOne mobile applications to provide the Procurement Manager with a conversational experience when approving purchase orders. The process begins with the Procurement Manager opening the PO Approval mobile application to review and approve purchase orders.

First, she wants to review purchase orders, regardless of order type, that exceed $2,000. She can engage the digital assistant or chatbot, Edward, to view only the purchase orders that exceed $2,000. The Procurement Manager engages with Edwards by tapping the Edward icon.


She can then chat with Edward either via the keyboard or the talk to chat feature. She gives the command “List orders above $2,000.” The digital assistant will identify the intent, which is to list the orders greater than $2,000 in total cost, and then it will execute the specific orchestration to return the orders of all order types that are greater than $2,000.

The Procurement Manager sees that there are four orders that meet these criteria. Once Edward presents the list, the Procurement Manager reviews the orders and asks Edward to approve one of the orders. She gives the command “Approve Order 5094.” Edward understands the command and asks for confirmation before approving. The Procurement Manager confirms the approval by tapping the “Yes” button.


Once confirmed, Edward executes a specific orchestration that approves the order and lets the Procurement Manager that the order has been approved. Edward also asks if she wants to approve any other orders on the list.

If the Procurement Manager selects “No,” Edward asks if he can be of further assistance.


The Procurement Manager selects “Yes” because now she wants to see all of the requisition orders. She types the command “Get all requisition orders,” and Edwards collects all of the requisition orders, with the help of a REST call to an orchestration, and displays them.

The Procurement Manager sees that there are nine requisition orders awaiting approval. After reviewing the orders, she tells Edward to approve all of the requisition orders. Edward asks for confirmation to approve all of the orders, and the Procurement Manager can select “Yes” or “No.” Once approved, Edward will again ask if he can be of further assistance. If the Procurement Manager selects “No,” this ends the conversation with Edward.

A chatbot or digital assistant can easily interact with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne through orchestrations and the use of natural conversational language – enabling you to take action anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about JD Edwards mobility, check out the video and additional resources attached below.

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