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Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management Overview

QFDE Cloud Week

Having the right tools to manage your talent and providing a superior employee experience is vital, which is why Oracle is continuing to listen to customers and invest in the Talent Management functionality and user experience that can meet the demands of today’s modern workforce. During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, Christine Yokoi, Senior Director of HCM Product Strategy at Oracle, provided an overview of the Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management solution.

Oracle HCM Cloud is made up of four primary pillars:

  1. Global Human Resources (HR)
  2. Talent Management
  3. Workforce Management
  4. Global Payroll

The image below shows an overview of the Talent Management solution.

Talent Management Solution


By utilizing Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management you can improve candidate quality and recruiting speed.  It enables HR professionals to brand career pages early. You can leverage digital assistants to provide a personalized and compelling candidate-centric experience. Additionally, it enables recruiters to source effectively.  You can provide multiple sourcing channels, create targeted CRM Recruiting campaigns, and get a full view of current recruiting activities and initiatives.

Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management also provides internal mobility in regards to recruiting. It provides new career opportunities and markets internal requisitions to current employees easily. Additionally, it simplifies the internal job application process.

Talent Profile and Career Development

Additionally, you can cultivate your talent using the Talent Profile and Career Development. You are able to create a rich Talent Profile to showcase skills and experience, including organization-specific content. In addition, you can communicate career aspirations and track development and are able to consider new career opportunities using system-generated insight.


In addition to cultivating talent, you can also provide an enriching learning experience. Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management ensures compliance and tracks required learning. It captures, shares, and collaborates around best practices using rick media. It is also personalized learning based on an activity or event and facilitates just-in-time learning in HR processes.

Goal Management

Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management also assists with aligning business and employee goals through goal management. You can set and track strategic work priorities and tasks. Additionally, you can share, align, and collaborate on goals with others. You can also reward performance based on goal achievement.

Performance Management

Coach your talent to perform using Performance Management. You can make Continuous Performance Management a reality and provide feedback to anyone at any time. You can also enhance performance with ongoing check-ins and coaching and leverage a configurable and flexible performance evaluation process.

Talent Review and Succession Management

Bring strategic talent to your business by utilizing Talent Review and Succession Management. You can identify high-potential talent and those at risk of attrition and ensure your best talent are in line for future critical roles. Additionally, you can maximize the value of talent meetings, and assess through interactive discussions. You can also manage talent pools and succession plans.

Career Mobility

Career Mobility does numerous beneficial things.  It empowers employees, supports them to grow their skills and careers, and tap their potential. It also supports the organization’s goals to improve retention, enhance diversity, and grow a well-networked and collaborative workforce.


Connections allows four primary functions:

  1. Locate people
  2. Understand your organization
  3. Finds communities
  4. Helps you to connect with colleagues, experts, and mentors

Additional Resources

The up-to-date Profile is engaging, continuously updated, drives recommendations, and contains rich content.

Opportunity Marketplace provides you an opportunity to explore growth opportunities and gain new experiences and build skills. Additionally, it helps you to grow your network and is an innovation engine.

To learn more about Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management, check out the Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week presentation and additional resources attached below.

Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management Overview