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PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 31 Highlights


PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 31 was recently released, and it contains a long list of helpful new features. Some of the highlights from the new Image update include:

  • PeopleTools 8.57 Fluid Features: Drop Zones and Grids
  • Data Privacy for FSCM Tables
  • Fluid Requisition Enhancements Including VAT
  • Comprehensive Supplier Portal Enhancements
  • Convert Proposal Approvals to AWE and Fluid
  • Fluid Asset Transactions
  • Mobile Asset Inspections
  • Making UK Tax Digital
  • Enhance Accounting Data Validation for Payables Online and Batch
  • Receivables Item Includes Billing Source and Billing Specialist
  • Additional Search Criteria for Item List
  • Inventory Item Substitutions Analysis Reports
  • Display Contract Rate Set in Award Profile
  • Lease Data Import
  • GASB Lessee Accounting
  • Additional Features

PeopleTools 8.57 Fluid Features: Drop Zones and Grids

PeopleSoft FSCM Image 31 is the first Image to utilize two features delivered in PeopleTools 8.57—Drop Zones and Personalized Grids. These tools can be used for selected FSCM Fluid pages.

Drop Zones enable users to add editable or display only transaction fields to existing PeopleSoft Fluid pages. This eliminates the need to customize delivered objects. To accomplish this, use the Configure Drop Zones page. Enter the component ID in the Component field. FSCM Application Fundamentals documentation lists the enabled components for Drop Zones. Once you search for a component ID on the Configure Drop Zones page, all page IDs that are Drop Zone enabled for that component will be listed.

You can also configure grids on Fluid pages in FSCM Image 31. Use the “Download to Excel” button to load grid data to an Excel spreadsheet. Use the “Find” button to search for data in any available grid column. You can also use the “Sort” button to sort by column headers.

Data Privacy for FSCM Tables

Image 31 introduced the ability to reference where sensitive data is used in FSCM. Access the Maintain Data Privacy Settings page to view, modify, or add data privacy attributes for record fields.

To find FSCM tables, enter a product and any additional search criteria in the filter fields on the left side of the page. Available records will be displayed on the left. Select the “View References” button to drill down into the field on the intended page.

Fluid Requisition Enhancements Including VAT

The eProcurement secondary homepage was introduced in FSCM Image 31. This page can be accessed by selected the eProcurement tile within Employee Self Service. There are two tiles added to the eProcurement homepage in Image 31:

  1. Review Change Requests
  2. Review Change Tracking

On the Create Requisition page, the actions list now has five eProcurement shortcuts to help users quickly navigate to other transactions on the homepage. These shortcuts are also available on the My Requisitions page.

When creating requisitions in Image 31, you can now use templates and request fixed cost services, variable cost services, and time and materials services.

Requisition Defaults now also includes procurement card fields. When searching for an item, the system-generated search results can be viewed in either list view or tile view.

Use the search facet to minimize your search results. With PeopleTools 8.57, you can now select multiple facets within a single search category to filter your results. Use the “Go To” button to return to the requisitions navigation menu.

Links to inventory information, price breaks, and contract information are included in the item details. You can add items to a comparison list, a template, or your favorites list using the “Action” button.

The “Compare” button displays all items added to a comparison list side-by-side. You can also configure your system to display selected details in the search results. When you click on a search result, it will take you to the Item Details page, which is where you can add an item to templates. You can also add selected items to favorites or templates, perform mass changes by using the Checkout page, and enter procurement card information.

If you operate in a VAT environment, a VAT button is available from the Distribution page. This allows you to access and change VAT information for the distribution line.

Comprehensive Supplier Portal Enhancements

In Image 31, the Comprehensive Supplier Portal provides additional external-facing information when suppliers access the Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Contract Management modules. The enhancements include new features for the public and secure portals and to the My Preferences page.

The Notice of Intent to Award tile is available for the Supplier Public Homepage. This tile provides information about public events that are considered for the awarding process.

New tiles have also been added to the Supplier Secure Homepage. The Secure Notice of Intent Award tile displays both public and invited events that are being considered for an award. The Awarded Events tile displays the events that have been awarded to a supplier. The Manage Contracts Documents and Manage Deliverables tiles provide suppliers with accessibility to the contract documents and deliverables.

There are also new categories that have been added to the My Preferences page. These categories provide configurable display and alert options to sourcing events. To view events in a different time zone or date format, select the time zone and format that you prefer and click “Apply.” The start and end dates and times of the events will then be displayed in the time zone that the user is in. On the My Preferences page, under General settings, you can change the default time zone and date format values.

You can also use the filter option to narrow your search for specific bidding events. The filter criteria now enable users to specify the buying organization of the event.

Convert Proposal Approvals to AWE and Fluid

PeopleSoft has enhanced the Grants Proposal Approval Workflow to use the Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) in FSCM Image 31. Users can now define approval rules without workflow customizations in Application Designer.

In Image 31, users can approve grants proposals using PeopleSoft Fluid UI. Use the Approvals tile in Employee Self Service to manage proposal approvals. Click the tile to access pending approvals. Approvers can access grant proposals and review the information before taking action. To view the details of a grant proposal that is pending approval, select the row.

The Grants Proposal page displays the details of the proposal currently routed for approval. The approval actions are to either approve or deny. Users can click the Approval Chain field to access the Approval Chain pagelet and view the approval hierarchy.

Fluid Asset Transactions

Asset Coordinators and managers can use the Asset Transactions tile to enter and submit transactions for approval and further processing. The Asset Transactions page provides the option to scan an existing asset barcode to retrieve asset details across multiple business units. If the asset can’t be scanned, a manual search can be performed.

There are also two new approvals available in Image 31:

  • Asset Physical Transfer (for the custodial asset transfer)
  • Asset Retire (for the asset retirement request)

Use the “Transfer” button on the Asset Transactions page to initiate a custodial asset transfer. Use the “Retire” button to submit a request to retire the asset. Approvers can access these transactions to review the information before they take action.

Approval pages display the asset and transaction details. Approvers can review the information, enter comments, and view the approval chain before approving or denying a request.

Mobile Asset Inspections

PeopleSoft Maintenance Management enhanced the asset inspections feature in FSCM Image 31 to provide an on-the-go solution for maintenance technicians. The enhancement allows them to collect and evaluate both qualitative and quantitative data about the condition of an asset onsite. The data is used for trend analysis, regulatory reporting, and triggering maintenance events and alerts.

Using the My Inspections page, technicians can view the inspections assigned and begin working on them. Data points collected during an asset inspection include measurements, observations, or numeric calculations that are used to evaluate the condition of an asset.

Evaluation triggers for the asset inspection determine the following action to address an out-of-tolerance condition. Actions can include sending an alert, creating a Work Order, creating a Service Request, or scheduling a one-time preventive maintenance Work Order.

Making UK Tax Digital

FSCM Image 31 supports the generation of the United Kingdom digital XML file for electronic transmission.

Enhance Accounting Data Validation for Payables Online and Batch

PeopleSoft Payables has enhanced the voucher post process to validate the accounting date when it is run on demand or in batch mode. When the voucher’s accounting date falls in a closed accounting period, you can’t process vouchers through the actions dropdown list on the Invoice Information tab. You also can’t process vouchers in batch mode if the voucher’s accounting date falls in a closed accounting period.

Receivables Item Includes Billing Source and Billing Specialist

PeopleSoft Receivables enhanced Item Information pages with Invoice Billing Specialist and Bill Source information in FSCM Image 31. This provides further visibility into invoice details. For example, there are new Invoice Billing Specialist and Bill Source fields on the Collections Workbench Item tab.

The following Item Information pages also include Invoice Billing Specialist and Bill Source information:

  • Item List page
  • AR Billing Inquiry page
  • Item List—Advanced Search page
  • Filter Items page

Additional Search Criteria for Item List

PeopleSoft Receivables enhance the Item List Advanced Search page to include the “begins with” and “contains” search operators in Image 31. The following Receivables search pages have also been enhanced to include the new search operators:

  • Filter Items page (from the Collections Workbench)
  • Filter Payment page (from the Collections Workbench)
  • Filter Conversation page (from the Collections Workbench)
  • Filter Contract page (from the Collections Workbench)
  • Promise Date Inquiry page (from the Collections Workbench)
  • Filter Items page (from Draft Worksheet Selection, Payment Worksheet Selection, Credit Card Worksheet Selection, Maintenance Worksheet Selection, and Transfer Worksheet Selection pages)

Inventory Item Substitutions Analysis Reports

In FSCM Image 31, PeopleSoft Inventory enhanced the Partial Item Substitution feature by providing the option to create item substitute analytic reports. The reports help organizations analyze the substitute items that are being used in significant quantities to fulfill an original demand, identify the top 10 substituted items and their quantities over a user-defined period of time, and perform a cost comparison report of a request item and substitute item.

The Simplified Analytics Framework allows users to create and design the reports according to their requirements. The analytic reports can be created based on the Inventory Item Substitution and Item Substitution Rate. The report display options include chart, simple table, or pivot grid.

Reports can be customized when a user selects different values like year, date, and item ID. The data can be viewed in different chart formats.

Display Contract Rate Set in Award Profile

In Image 31, PeopleSoft provided a Contract Rates link in the Award Profile component. Click the link to view the Contract Rates page. You can view all of the contract rate sets and rate plans associated with the award.

Lease Data Import

The Lease Data Import feature enables users to import lease data into PeopleSoft Lease Administration interface tables and review the details before activation. For Image 31, PeopleSoft Lease Administration enhanced the feature to provide visibility into new lease attributes, multiple financial terms, and asset details associated with the new lease accounting standards for payable leases.

Some of the new fields on the Lease Details page include the Allocation Basis field and Recognize Monthly Expense field. The Recognize Monthly Expense field enables users to create monthly lease interest accounting entries for finance lease assets and monthly right-of-use amortization for operating lease assets.

The Lease Term Details page includes news values for Interface Transaction Type, such as prepaid rent or termination option. The Lease Other Details page provides asset accounting distributions for finance leases when you select the Default Accounting Distribution option.

GASB Lessee Accounting

PeopleSoft Lease Administration now complies with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) lease accounting standard issued in June 2017. With this enhancement, users can recognize capitalized assets for a business unit as finance under GASB. This enhancement applies to lessee arrangements, also referred to as payables leases.

Additional Features

Additional features in FSCM Image 31 include:

  • The ability for supplier user and reviewer to remove address and contact information
  • Support for REST APIs for DocuSign

For more information and quick demonstrations of the image highlights in PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 31, check out the video below.

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