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PeopleSoft HCM Update and Roadmap

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

Robbin Velayedam, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Oracle, highlighted and demonstrated roadmap items for PeopleSoft HCM at RECONNECT 18. Here is what we learned about a few of the roadmap features for HCM:

Fluid Benefits Open Enrollment

Roadmap features for Benefits Open Enrollment include a Fluid User Interface, an activity guide showing steps to enrollment, an acknowledgment statement, an enrollment preview document and a single “submit enrollment” button- instead of two buttons. There will be more features to come after the first phase of the roadmap is released.

Data Privacy Framework

Regarding data privacy framework, users can expect the ability to data mask information, an online component to identify personal and sensitive data references, more granular security for additional fields such as country or address type and configurable security for personal or sensitive data field on transactions.


An administrator view is the big roadmap feature for onboarding. This role would be able to track an employee’s onboarding process, override unnecessary steps and mark the training as complete or delete it. Oracle is also developing improvements for off-boarding, pre-boarding and trans-boarding after seeing how onboarding feature adoption goes.

PeopleSoft Position Management

One notable feature on the roadmap is allowing multiple actions to occur on a single effective date. Also, they are working on bringing Fluid to Position Management. There are additional features on the roadmap for Position Management, but they will likely be released in a phased approach.

HR Administrator Analytics

Roadmap items include developing delivered Analytics for position status, workforce turnover, headcount movement, education levels and workforce diversity. To learn more about Analytics for HCM, check out this additional article from Quest: Utilizing Fluid Simplified Analytics For HCM.

Fluid Attachments

Oracle’s new consistent framework approach will be able to take the attachment behavior and place it as part of a transaction. The benefit of the new framework is that when Oracle makes a change to the attachment framework, it’ll become part of all transactions that utilize attachments.

Preference Questions and Screening

With this feature, you can create a questionnaire about preferences such as start date, willingness to travel, full-time or part-time, etc. Roadmap features include a simple selection for Preference questions, different types of questions that can be mixed and the ability to require or add additional questions. This feature is also being built out into a framework so that it can be applied to other areas.


These features are only a few of the many items on the roadmap! For a full look at what’s coming for HCM and what has been recently delivered, check out Robbin’s full presentation from RECONNECT 18:


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