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PeopleSoft Selective Adoption Panel: Customer Poll Results

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

RECONNECT 18 featured several customer panels about PeopleSoft hot topics. As part of the Selective Adoption panel session, we took some time to poll those in attendance about their current plans for Selective Adoption and utilization of it. Here are the results of our polling:


When are new features rolled out to end users as part of your Selective Adoption strategy?


Only half of those in attendance indicated that they are rolling out new features to their end users via Selective Adoption. This is a vital part of any Selective Adoption strategy, so it was interesting to see that a significant portion of those in the session had not yet started to roll out new features via Selective Adoption.


Which is your top priority to improve your Selective Adoption process?


The most popular response was “adopting a more iterative process” as the top priority for improving the Selective Adoption process. This is a good illustration of how important it is to align your internal processes with the Selective Adoption model as part of your strategy.


Who’s driving your Selective Adoption Strategy?



There was a fairly even spread between the three choices regarding which group is the main driver of the Selective Adoption strategy within a company. While the majority still have IT as the main driver, it’s encouraging to see that more companies are starting to involve both IT and Line of Business together in the process. Many customers have been telling us that this kind of collaboration is key to a successful strategy.

To share your company’s experience with where it is at in the Selective Adoption process, add your feedback to our poll here.


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