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PeopleSoft Spotlight Series: HCM Activity Guide Composer


Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager |

 A recent video that is part of the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series covered the topic of HCM Activity Guide Composer. Check out these highlights from the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series video for more information.

 Feature Overview

The Activity Guide Composer framework is designed to improve and enhance the deployment and management of Fluid Activity Guides in HCM. An Activity Guide instance contains a list of steps that a user goes through to complete a process or procedure. The framework simplifies the Activity Guide template creation and maintenance for functional users by separating the technical setup from the functional one and making technical components reusable. The framework also provides a location where end-users can initiate Activity Guide instances and track progress easily.

Setting Up Categories

Categories play an essential role in the Activity Guide Composer framework. A category contains the technical definition of all the building blocks necessary to create templates. It is defined once by your technical resources and can be utilized by multiple templates of the same nature. HCM delivers categories for onboarding and live events. You can modify delivered categories, either by adding new effective data roles or by cloning them. You can also create new categories from scratch. The framework uses effective dates to determine what category configuration will be available.

Setting Up Template Assignment

The Activity Guide Composer framework provides the template assignment utility that automatically assigns templates to individuals based on a set of defined rules. The utility was first built to work with the onboarding feature, which could have multiple Activity Guide templates out there for employees in different countries and regions. As an Onboarding Administrator, you have the option to identify a template that would be provided by default to all employees or use the template assignment utility to perform this assignment. You can define template assignment rules based on value specified search key fields.

Learn More

For more information and a demonstration, check out the full video.


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PeopleSoft Spotlight Series: HCM Activity Guide Composer