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Deliver A ‘Cloud-like’ PeopleSoft User Experience

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101670

Today, PeopleSoft customers are looking for ways to open access and streamline delivered processes across pillars like Campus Solutions, HCM and FSCM. All, while aligning with the ‘cloud UX’ expectations of their users. The latest PeopleSoft delivered UI, Fluid is the first step toward delivering a modern, cloud-like user experience. However, adopting Fluid involves new development skills and can require optimization to align with the retirement of Classic pages.

In this session, attendees will learn how to build on their existing Fluid/Classic/Classic+ UX/UI configurations and elevate their user experience to directly align with the expectations of users today – intuitive, streamlined, and cloud-like. Learn how you can achieve these objectives with minimal development effort and no customizations to your PeopleSoft applications.

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Deliver A ‘Cloud-like’ PeopleSoft User Experience