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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

With the emergence of intelligent automation, low-cost cloud migration, integration, and customization projects are now possible. By leveraging digital workers generated with the Robotic Process Automation technology, organizations can simplify the data migration process, speed up the custom configurations, identify integration patterns, and optimize the overall transition journey to perceive the maximum benefits that the cloud can provide

In this session, learn how you can leverage RPA to efficiently migrate your on-premise Oracle applications to the Cloud, including use cases of conversion data validation, automation instead of customizations, integration, and testing.

Is getting easy access to information from JDE, PSFT, EBS and other systems still a tedious exercise? Then talk to your applications through an AI-powered digital assistant. Be it text or voice – drive intelligent, even predictive, conversations and get answers to questions like “Where is my order?”, “How much vacation time do I have…