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In today's consumer landscape, many Millennials are more concerned than ever with supporting brands whose business practices have a positive impact on the environment, employees, and the regions from which they source their materials. People want organic, grass-fed goods when they shop. Accenture's 2018 global consumer pulse report surveyed over 30,000 consumers to find out why they purchase certain brands over another. The results showed an emphasis on what a brand says, does, and stands for, which is why Oracle Chief Sustainability Officer Jon Chorley explained that transparent supply chains improve brand integrity and ultimately get people to shop from that brand.

As part of Quest’s 2019 Cloud Webinar Series – SCM Cloud Day, Shirley Lum, Product Marketing Director at Oracle, spoke about AI and other emerging technology for supply chain management (SCM). She also covered how Oracle Platform services can make it easy for SCM to adopt exciting innovations that transform traditional business models and add unique value for both customers and employees.

The PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework is an important tool that allows PeopleSoft users to integrate PeopleSoft with the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) and start leveraging chatbots in their organizations.

Juan Loaiza, Oracle's executive vice president of mission-critical database technologies, spoke at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 about four technology shifts that are reshaping the enterprise database.

Rob Preston, editorial director in Oracle's Content Central organization, wrote in Forbes about the presence that Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and CTO, had at Oracle OpenWorld 2019. Ellison provided insight through two keynotes during the conference and a Q&A session at the CIO-oriented Leaders Circle event. Preston provided five highlights from the Oracle leader's talks.

At Oracle OpenWorld 2019, Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle, spoke about the work that Oracle has done to incorporate machine learning algorithms into its suites of Cloud applications. This pragmatic approach to incorporating AI in business transactions is guided by three main business imperatives of Oracle’s development:
-Helping customers innovate rapidly
-Creating nimble processes
-Making the most of their mobile, social, and other communication channels

A recent Oracle blog explored how AI makes work more human. Many believe that AI will eliminate the need for human workers, but that is not the case. AI empower humans to work smarter and with more insight, and it has the power to make work even more human.

COLLABORATE 20 Call for Presentations is now open!

COLLABORATE 20 will be taking place April 19-23, 2020 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It is the largest user-led, user-focused event for Oracle users of all levels. IT decision-makers, super users, Oracle, and Oracle vendors gather to share real-world insights and practical solutions to maximize return on their Oracle investments.

You can expand your Oracle skill set by attending some of the 1,000+ interactive sessions, networking with experienced professionals who have the same challenges as you, and asking questions directly to Oracle and Oracle vendors at the Exhibitor Showcase. The user-focus of COLLABORATE 20 ensures that it will be full of first-hand experiences, real-world scenarios, and honest advice.

The first step to getting COLLABORATE 20 ready for attendees is selecting the presentations that will be showcased at the conference. If you are interested in being considered to present at COLLABORATE 20, submit an abstract any time between now and October 11, 2019. This is your chance to share your stories, insights, and advice with the Quest Oracle Community.

George Danner, founder and president of Business Laboratory LLC and author of The Executive’s How-To Guide to Automation, published a whitepaper on technology for the automation era and four non-AI technologies for companies to embrace now. 

Global PeopleSoft Day offers in-depth PeopleSoft education for our global community. This one-day even offers free, conference-quality, virtual education at times that are tailored to those in locations outside the Americas.

In order to participate, visit the Global PeopleSoft Day landing page to view the sessions in your time zone and simply register for those that you want to attend. After you register, you will be emailed calendar invites for each session that you have registered for. Simply click the links in the invites or use the live links on our site to join.

The wide adoption of mobile access and shifting employee demographics are compelling organizations to engage with their changing employee workforce using emerging technologies. Chatbots can help organizations turn repetitive, transactional requests and inquiries into natural, conversation-like interactions using voice or text. The PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Absence Management chatbot, Absence Assistant, allows employees to take this approach when requesting absences, viewing balances, and more.

In PeopleSoft Now! episode four, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of Product Management, discussed PeopleSoft’s first chatbot and the technology that enables it with Robbin Velayedam, Senior Director of HCM Product Management, and Matthew Haavisto, Senior Principal Product Strategist for PeopleTools. Jackson also talked with Loida Chez about the response of PeopleSoft’s Lease Accounting to FASB and GASB Accounting Standards changes. Jackson started the episode with a recap of RECONNECT 19.

A recent Forbes article written by Louis Columbus explored the top nine ways artificial intelligence prevents fraud. The bottom line is that rule-based engines and simple predictive models could identify the majority of fraud attempts in the past. However, they are not keeping up with the scale and severity of fraud attempts today. Today’s fraud…

Falon Fatemi, CEO and founder of Node, the first AI as a Service platform, wrote an article in Forbes about how to increase employee engagement with the help of artificial intelligence.

Are you ready to revolutionize your PeopleSoft Human Capital Management system? The PeopleSoft product management team is currently working on an Absence Management chatbot for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management that will make absence management easier for every employee.

Robbin Velayedam, Director of Product Management, spoke at COLLABORATE 19 and gave an overview and demonstration of the new Absence Management chatbot for PeopleSoft HCM.

Chatbots are one of the four new and exciting initiatives within PeopleSoft. Other initiatives include Position Management, Delegation, and Drop Zones.

Lynne Sampson, Oracle’s managing editor of The Modern Finance Leader, wrote about Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s thoughts on why automation improves financial reporting across your company.

Lynne Sampson, Oracle’s managing editor of The Modern Finance Leader, wrote a blog about Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s thoughts on the benefits of leveraging blockchain within Finance.

Lisa Schwartz, Senior Director of SaaS Applications for Oracle’s Cloud Business Group, discussed the ways emerging technology makes data more valuable in today’s workforce. She started by explaining the idea that data is the new oil. It’s clear that data is not fossil fuel, we cannot run our cars on it, or heat or homes with it. However, in a less literal sense, the analogy applies.

Emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) are continuously disrupting organizations and industries. A recent Oracle blog explored the possibility of blockchain playing a role in the future of IoT as organizations continue to adopt the emerging technology to transform their business.

Dorian Daley, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Oracle, and Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle, spoke about the current threat landscape and Oracle’s strategy for addressing it. The pair spoke about how Oracle is enhancing the relationships with customers by adopting a service model that allows customers to shift the security burden and risk to Oracle. They also covered how Oracle has rebuilt Cloud and the Autonomous Database, so customers are fully equipped to truly protect their data and eliminate human error from the security equation.

Rob Preston, editorial director in Oracle’s Content Central organization, wrote an article in Forbes about what speakers and attendees at Oracle’s Modern Business Experience conference had to say about the future of the workforce. The workforce of the future will be defined by more automation, a diverse mix of full-time and contract workers, and rapidly shifting demographics. The most successful employers in that future workforce will be the ones whose leadership teams get ahead of these trends.

At COLLABORATE 19, Nancy Estell Zoder, Senior Director of Oracle HCM Cloud Product Strategy, spoke about the latest investments made in Oracle HCM Cloud and how it can transform and optimize workforce management.

In today’s world of technology, the rate of disruption is fast and constant. To keep up with customer needs, the PeopleSoft team is constantly updating the applications strategy and roadmap that addresses changing user expectations, new business models, shifting landscapes of competitors, rapidly evolving technology, and constant cost reductions. At COLLABORATE 19, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of Product Strategy for PeopleSoft, walked through the main investment areas within PeopleSoft. She also shared the latest updates to PeopleSoft Recruiting, Workforce Administration, Talent Development, Credit to Cash, Financial Management and Operations, Procure to Pay, and IT.

Darshan Sapaliga and Ilya Osovets, two Solution Engineers at Oracle, walked through a blockchain solution that various organizations can use to check profiles of prospective employees with security and confidence.

Artificial Intelligence and the journey to augmented finance is a story of machine learning and decision science that inspired better business decisions. It’s a story that places finance at the center of the same transformational agenda already revolutionizing modern business, yet it’s also a journey of opportunity. It lets you see how to create tomorrow, today, and how finance will drive and inform business strategy while being both adaptive and dynamic.