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Dec 14 @  2:00pm

COVID-19 has changed where we work. Many employers never dreamed that Remote Working would be  the new normal.  With many employees asking to continue fully remote or hybrid remote options, organizations need the ability to track where and when employees are no longer on site. Join us at this session to explore how the new…

Safety First! To help keep employees safe in the workplace and decrease the spread of COVID-19, there have been federal, state and/or local mandates made regarding the COVID-19 vaccination and test tracking for employees. Learn how PeopleSoft’s Health & Safety module (included with your HR license) can help your organization’s needs for tracking and managing COVID-19 at the workplace. In this webinar, you will see how employees can easily update their COVID vaccinations, testing results and report COVID illness. Learn about Health & Safety Administrator features like contact tracing, vaccine accommodation requests, generating OSHA files plus much more. See the brand new COVID-19 analytics that can help you in monitoring vaccination and testing statuses to help ensure your employee’s safety at the workplace.

Presented by Julie Alonso, Oracle

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101840

Oracle has enhanced the Health and Safety features in PeopleSoft Core HR module to provide comprehensive self-service features to track Covid Vaccinations, Test Results, Illness and exposures.

Once collected this information can be reported efficiently using powerful Kibana analytics. Together these features enable PeopleSoft HCM customers to stay compliant with Covid vaccination tracking and reporting requirements.

Join us in this session to learn how these recently delivered self-service features can be quickly adopted with minimal technical effort.

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  • 10/25/21

In 2020, many businesses were forced to take on remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work was a new world for many, and to no surprise, brought on several challenges. Jack Wood and Dennis McCormick, two City & County of San Francisco, CA Controller’s Office employees, were joined by Doris Wong, CEO of CCSF’s implementation partner Smart ERP Solutions, to share what it takes to implement a PeopleTools upgrade and HCM/ELM catchup, all remotely during COVID-19.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101820

This is a moment to take stock in an entirely new way. Inarguably, 2020 was an inflection point for society as a whole. We’re yet to fully understand or realize the implications of the last year, but the impact has certainly been extreme. While the future remains uncertain, it presents new opportunities for those who are willing and able to embrace them.

Share your lunch break with me as we leverage insights gathered from over 3,000 CEOs and senior public sector leaders about the challenges they’re grappling with and what’s top of mind as they seek to drive their organizations forward. 

In this interactive and engaging session, we’ll explore the 5 essential advantages that outperformers have in common and discuss considerations for Oracle customers as you determine what’s essential for you to thrive in a post-pandemic reality.

Sep 21 @  5:30am

Specially in this Corona time, Employees and Manager have a lot of questions, which can be answered by the F&Q – Knowledge base or a ticket can be created which will be handled by HR

LTI will also share real life migration experiences, include caveats and outline contingencies and benchmarks that need to be taken into consideration.

If you are the one looking to Modernize-Optimize-Digitize your core systems, we at LTI – a Cloud Preferred partner of Oracle – have the truly innovative capabilities, experience and expertise to transform your business and give you the much-needed competitive advantage.

Presented by LTI

Jul 28 @  11:00am

Businesses count on their strategic technology partners for cutting edge digital transformations which will spur growth, improve operations, and take their stakeholder and customer engagement to the next level. Modernization and cloud enablement are essential elements of this digital journey. Covid-19 pandemic has pushed could migration to the top of the CxO to-do list 83%…

Jul 9 @  5:00am

  Safety is an essential good for all organizations, no matter the field of work, especially in these COVID-19 struck times. With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Health and Safety Incident Management, you can feel better equipped to properly handle and prevent safety issues. The system helps companies easily make safety a priority.

Mark Sullivan, Fast Company senior writer, spoke with tech executives from a variety of companies about how they think COVID-19 is changing the workforce and what they think COVID-19 will change forever. At the time of Sullivan's article, we were roughly four weeks into the shutdowns caused by COVID-19. While people began adjusting to the new normal, they also started picturing what the world would look like after the pandemic. That's what drove Sullivan to collect opinions from executives, venture capitalists, and analysts about how the pandemic might change how we think about various aspects of life and work and what specific changes they expected to see in their worlds. The responses that Sullivan collected have been edited for publication.