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GoldenGate software can help manage your data integration, availability, and migrations across multiple platforms. At BLUEPRINT 4D 2023, in Dallas, TX, Oracle’s Alexandre Lima shared how this software has changed since Oracle acquired it in 2009 and the benefits of the microservices Goldengate software offers.

2021 QXW 

The Co-op is the UK’s leading convenience retailer, with 14 distribution centers and a turnover of $15.2 billion, servicing more than 10,000 outlets through its retail, wholesale, and franchise proposition. This session explores the platform built for its mission-critical logistics network including Oracle Real Application Clusters 19c, Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Grid Infrastructure bundled agents, and Database File System (DBFS) combined with Oracle Multitenant and Oracle GoldenGate 19c microservices in an Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture configuration, providing real-time replication between operational and analytical systems and the ability to upgrade without downtime. It also examines how the platform evolved by incorporating Oracle Autonomous Database.

Presented by Nikitas Xenakis, Principal Solutions Architect, Cooperative Group

Presented at INSYNC 21

Session ID: 101580

Oracle GoldenGate still maintains its status as the best replication tool in the industry. As environments and industry change, so has the model for deployment of Oracle GoldenGate.  Deployment models have changed from peer-to-peer to hub-n-spoke and currently moving to mesh architectures with these environmental changes, how Oracle is starting to support deployment models like Docker.  This session will provide an introduction to Oracle GoldenGate Microservices on Docker, including best practices and pitfalls.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data now supports multiple different targets and platforms and delivers outstanding performance. It serves as a bridge between two different worlds of data-driven technologies. We can connect our traditional relation data stores with new modern non-relational and streaming data platforms. The presentation will go through different Oracle GoldenGate Big Data adapters their properties, options, and discuss different use cases.

Learn from Oracle GoldenGate Product Management the about the new features in Oracle GoldenGate 19c for Oracle and non-Oracle platforms. This will include both cloud and on-premise product lines. This presentation will also cover new features and roadmap for Veridata, GoldenGate Studio, and Monitoring.

Oracle GoldenGate Product Management is happy to announce free GoldenGate software licenses and support on OCI Marketplace. This promotional offer is valid for a limited period of time for existing Oracle Cloud customers who have already trusted and invested in Oracle Cloud and also to new customers who are planning to migrate data to Oracle Cloud in the next many months.

Learn from Oracle GoldenGate Product Management on the new GoldenGate 18c features, including a deeper dive into the new Microservices Architecture for automing Oracle GoldenGate.  And discuss enhancements related to Active-Active replication including the new Automatic Conflict Detection and Resolution features.

Businesses today understand the need to upgrade, migrate, duplicate, and distribute the systems responsible for housing their most valuable data for security, performance, and reliability. These needs become problematic, especially for large datasets, when the systems must remain available for greater than 99% of the time due to business or compliance requirements. Oracle GoldenGate is…

We produce quite a lot of data. Some of this data comes in the form of business transactions and is stored in a relational database. This relational data is often combined with other non-structured, high volume and rapidly changing datasets known in the industry as Big Data. The challenge for us as data integration professionals…