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C19 Wrap Up: Multi-Layered Security Planning


Multi-layered security planning is a top concern for many organizations, yet many continue to segment their security strategy—creating silos. It’s important for organizations to develop a larger vision for their security strategy and how to implement it. Without a solid security plan in place, your data and employees are at risk of cyber-attacks and scams. It’s better to be prepared now than to be trying to come up with a solution after it’s too late and the attack has already happened.

Cyber attacks can be either external or internal. Whether they are malicious or inadvertent, these attacks can occur through email, mobile devices, network, database, etc. The possibilities are limitless. Users need to be aware of threats like phishing messages filled with clickbait, ransomware, malware, and more. It’s important to train and educate your users about these potential threats and how to use your system in a smart way that prevents them from falling victim to a cyber attack.

Luckily, there were tons of great sessions at COLLABORATE 19 about multi-layered security planning. Check out some of the session recordings and slide decks from C19 attached below to learn about developing a security strategy with a larger vision in mind.

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