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Meet the BLUEPRINT 4D speakers: A conversation with Oracle’s AJ Schifano

AJ Schifano

The JD Edwards Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D takes place online and in Las Vegas June 6th – 9th, 2022.  In this blog series, we interview key speakers and learn what they’re most looking forward to as the Quest community prepares to gather for its first in-person event in over two years.

We connected recently with AJ Schifano, Oracle Product Manager, who can’t wait to talk JDE at BLUEPRINT 4D.

Tell us a little bit about what you’ll be sharing in your upcoming BLUEPRINT 4D presentation?

Well, I like to keep a busy schedule, so I’ll be doing a little of everything at BLUEPRINT 4D. I’m going to kick it off by hosting a panel of customers who will share their stories about putting the JD Edwards digital platform to good use. That always gets me pumped up for the rest of the week. Next I’ll be hosting a session to reflect on how far we’ve come to conquer the paradigm of digital ERP, and to paint a vision about what’s over the next horizon. And throughout the week I’ll be hosting a few other sessions focusing on specific JD Edwards enhancements that I think will make some waves with our customers and partners, notably around messaging, workflow, and of course, more Orchestrator enhancements. A busy week for me!

Which hot topics are you looking forward to digging into with JDE customers?

I am always amazed and energized to see what clever things our customers and partners have done with the tools we have given them. I’ll be digging for stories about how our customers solved real-world problems faster, easier, and more simply than ever before. And if I hear the word “Orchestrator” even whispered, you’ll know that I’m butting into that conversation.

What most excites you about the new JD Edwards Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D event?

Well, first and foremost, it’s just great to think about being back in person. There is simply no substitute for the serendipity of bumping into old friends, meeting new friends and sharing stories face to face.  But beyond that, I’m excited about the context in which we can talk about JD Edwards. We’ll be surrounded by Oracle Database, Technology, and Cloud Applications, and even our old friends at PeopleSoft. Oracle has some really great stuff going on, and it’s just plain fun to be part of it.

Meet the BLUEPRINT 4D speakers: A conversation with Oracle’s AJ Schifano